10 Best Super Foods for Your Teeth


Dentistry doesn’t just encompass teeth and gum care, nowadays it goes beyond what happens in your mouth. Many dentists know the proven mouth and body connection. That the conditions found in our mouth, are actual signs of diseases that can be found on the different parts of our body. This is why modern dentistry is finding more and more ways to fix dental problems that are caused by poor habits, lifestyle, and food we eat.  What foods can you eat to build better and healthier teeth?

1. Tea

Not just a good treat for your taste buds, tea is also good for your teeth. Tea has polyphenols that can control bacteria growth in your mouth. It also lowers your saliva’s acidity and helps prevent inflammation. But remember to drink only green tea, many kinds of black tea can cause staining and discoloration to your teeth.

2. Yogurt

Can’t get enough of yogurt’s creamy delicious taste? That’s good. Consuming yogurt regularly helps a lot to the betterment of your dental health. Yogurt is a rich source of calcium and protein. Two of the much needed nutrients for one’s teeth.  Aside from teeth, yogurt is also good for one’s gums and can help in your digestion.

3. Mushrooms

One of the best natural medicines growing on your backyard, Shiitake Mushroom are known for being great immunity boosters. They also help in the absorption of calcium from the bloodstream and are good sources of iron for your teeth. Shiitake mushrooms, among many fungi that are often studied rank as the number one with the most health benefits.

4. Orange

Normally, acidic foods are bad for your teeth. Although orange is categorized as one of acidic food, it is believed to be good for the prevention of tooth decay. Many compounds of orange are healthy for the teeth and can prevent microbes from developing tooth decays. It also cleanses your mouth, removing harmful bacteria that can cause plaque and infection. Since orange is acidic in nature, dentists recommend brushing your teeth after eating it.

5. Nuts

Nuts are actually dry fruits that were not split open before maturity. On this same note, one must know that peanuts are not nuts but are actually legumes. Among the many health benefits of nuts, it is also known to be good for your teeth. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts contain vitamin D and calcium that are good for your tooth enamel. These nuts also help keep your teeth clean by enhancing saliva flow.

6. Cheese

Cheese is a great source of protein that is needed by our body. Aside from protein, cheese is also high in calcium that is good for your teeth and bones. Cheese also has a high phosphate content that is important for balancing the pH level in one’s mouth.

7. Kiwi

Another super food that is good for your oral health is Kiwi. Kiwi contains more Vitamin C than Oranges. It is also healthy for one’s gums as it helps strengthen collagen in our teeth’s tissues.

8. Parsley

Parsley contains monoterpenes that evaporates into one’s lungs and can release a pleasant smell for your breath. It can be a healthy alternative for chewing gum that may contain sugars.

9. Apples

An apple a day can keep the dentist away! Apples increase your mouth’s saliva flow and prevent cavities that are building up on your teeth surface. Apples are loaded with lots of good vitamins and minerals that are good for your overall health.

10. Sesame

Similar to celery, sesame is a natural abrasive that can help clean tooth and remove debris on one’s teeth. It also stimulates teeth growth and helps protect the bone around one’s teeth and gums.

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Armela Escalona
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