10 Beauty Uses Of Jojoba Oil For Skin And Hair


Jojoba oil, derived from the seed of a wood desert shrub which grows throughout the southwestern United States, is perfect for the beauty kit of someone who is not comfortable with the artificial dyes and scents of more processed products. It is both colorless and odorless, is easy to use and because of its increasing popularity, is readily available at most health food stores. Some of its benefits are listed below.

Moisturize the Face
Because it is rich in nutrients, this oil makes an excellent daily or overnight moisturizer and will keep skin soft and healthy. Apply around 6 drops for daily use, adding a little more if wearing it overnight for a moisture treatment.

Conditioner the Hair
If frizzy or dull hair or a dry scalp with dandruff is a problem, jojoba is the solution. This will rid the scalp of dandruff and leave the hair soft, shining and manageable.

Cleanse the Face
To use as a facial cleanser, simply apply the jojoba oil to the skin, let it set for several minutes, then rinse and pat dry. This is a quick and easy way to remove impurities from the skin that the jojoba has extracted from your pores.

Minimize Scars
Since jojoba is rich in Vitamin E, a natural skin healer, massaging this into the skin will help minimize scars and stretch marks. Its healing properties may even help the scars to gradually fade.

Fight Acne
Daily use of this oil can also help fight acne. Because of its antimicrobial prowess, jojoba can naturally kill of the bacterial growth which is the root cause of both acne and blackheads.

Oil the Cuticles
At home manicures and pedicures are more popular than ever and a great way to relax. When indulging, rub jojoba in to the cuticles as a great alternative to traditional cuticle oil.

Moisturize the Feet
Especially when wearing sandals or going barefoot in the summertime, make sure to rub some jojoba oil into the feet after a bath. This will help heal and soften any dried or cracked areas and make the feet smooth and attractive.

Cure Fungal Infections
Jojoba’s antimicrobial properties extend to fungus as well. This makes it an excellent natural treatment for Athlete’s foot and fungal infections of the toenail. Apply the oil to the affected area and it will quickly take care of the problem.

Relieve Sunburn
Jojoba oil has been used for centuries to treat many minor skin irritation, including sunburns and rashes. It will help speed up the healing process and can sometimes prevent skin peeling after a burn.

Fight Aging of the Skin
The anti-aging effects of this oil come from the fact that it is rich in antioxidants. Dabbing it around the delicate skin of the mouth, eyes and neck will help minimize fine lines and keep it looking younger.

Above are just ten of the reasons why jojoba oil is the logical choice for someone who prefers beauty products in a more natural state. Its conditioning, nourishing effects on the hair and skin make it easy to see why women have been using it for centuries to enhance their looks.

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