You’ll Never Look At Celery The Same Way Again After Reading This


Celery is a great source of vitamin K, C, A, B6 and B2, and is high in many essential minerals such as molybdenum, folate, potassium, manganese, calcium, copper, phosphorous and magnesium. It acts as a great snack, and a great filler for freshly-pressed juices and smoothies.

After reading this, you will never look at celery the same way again!

#1 Reduces Inflammation

Are you looking for a natural way to reduce inflammation in your body naturally? Celery contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain and inflammation in the body. It is an excellent super food to snack on or add to soups, salads, casserole dishes and stir-fries if you are a sufferer of asthma, acne, inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis.

#2 Helps with Weight Loss

Celery is the perfect vegetable to snack on when you are trying to watch your figure or loose some extra pounds. One large celery stalk contains only 10 calories. This makes celery outstanding to snack on whenever you feel the munchies coming on. Just make sure you do not eat celery sticks with heavy dips or dressings because this will make the snack unhealthy.

#3 Reduces Stress Levels

Do you need some natural stress relief from physical and mental stressors? If so celery can help since it is pack full of magnesium and an essential oil that helps promote relaxation. Celery sticks make the perfect bedtime snack because it can actually help you fall asleep and stay asleep. The vegetable also works for calming down anxiety and panic attacks since it does contain a medicinal property in it that acts as a natural sedative.

#4 Promotes Alkaline Balance

Celery contains nutrients in it that help regulate the body’s alkaline balance, which helps protect your body from becoming over acidity.

#5 Keeps the Digestive System Working Smoothly

Celery makes an excellent digestive aid. It contains loads of water and plenty of fiber. Water and fiber are essential for keeping the digestive system running smoothly and you from discomforting healthy conditions such as constipation. However, celery does contain diuretic properties so those suffering from diarrhea should not consume a large amount of this vegetable because it can make the situation worse.

#6 Keeps Eyesight Healthy

One large celery stalk a day can provide your body with vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient for maintaining eye health. Considering having some celery sticks each day for snack or adding it to a main dish to help get the potent nutrient from it into your diet.

#7 Promotes Heart Health

Eating a few stalks of celery each day can help you reduce the bad cholesterol in your body. Keeping bad cholesterol levels down goes along way to maintaining heart health. The vegetable also helps promote proper blood circulation and helps reduce high blood pressure, which is also essential for keeping your heart health and strong.

#8 Natural Aphrodisiac

You may find this to be surprising, but chomping on celery sticks eat day can help promote arousal. This is because celery is a wonderful aphrodisiac that contains two pheromones known as androstenone and androstenol.

#9 Prevents Cancer

A daily dose of celery is wonderful for preventing certain types of cancers. This is because celery contains powerful antioxidants in it that inhibits cancer cells. One type of cancer it’s particularly good at preventing is pancreatic cancer and breast cancer.

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