Yacon Syrup Benefits for Weight Loss?


What is Yacon?

A primarily a tuberous root plant, Yacon is an indigenous to the Andes Mountains but has been used all over the world due to its presumed nutritional properties to enhance overall health.

As it seems, the root of this wondrous Yacon plant contains a substance akin to syrup and it’s extract is known for its palatable-tasting sweetening agent to replace all bad sweeteners capability in which apparently leads to faster weight-loss qualities.

There is a challenge and a question worth asking and answering here.

If weight loss is your purpose, ask the question of thinking about optimization.

If getting healthy is your goal, answer the question of why so you know your intended outcome.

One thing is for certain with the topic of health, diet, and supplementation – detoxification and cleansing – they are vital to kickstart and undergo a likely much-needed whole body transformation. Unfolding before our very eyes is a “sugar crash” revolution aka – where people are finally waking up to the beauty that beholds if one chooses to eat quality whole foods and their juices in an unprocessed nature…

The debate could go on, but let’s focus our attention on the topic at hand:

Yacon syrup benefits for weight loss?

The popularity spark that came to be was from the world’s most recognizable TV doctor and what was said about Yacon Syrup’s proposed weight loss attributes.

Yacon Syrup’s weight loss health benefit extravaganza was brought to attention by the dominate appearance it had on the recent T.V. episode show.

While most people are just learning about yacon extract for the first time, Dr. Oz opened up about discovering this powerful now-noted weight loss solution a while ago. Before he aired his episode featuring yacon, he conducted an experiment himself, which he referenced as “The Yacon Project.”

The Details

In what is considered to be scientific research or case study or measured results.. Dr. Oz asked sixty adult women to consume one teaspoon of yacon syrup along with every meal, no matter how many meals participants ate per day for exactly 28 days.

Participants were strictly told not to change anything in their daily life, including diet and exercise habits. Of the original 60 participants, 40 women were able to complete the project for the entire duration.

The Results

After the 28 day Yacon project, his 40 volunteer research group participants came into discuss and review their results.

Here is what was mentioned:

– 73% of participants were able to lose weight with yacon syrup
– Roughly half of the participants lost over five pounds
– The average weight loss total was 2.9 pounds
– Participants saw a average reduction in waist size by 1.9 inches
– The total amount of weight loss among all participants was 153 pounds
– 27 of the 40 women who completed the product would use yacon syrup again or recommend it to a friend.

At first sight, a dream team stat sheet is glaring back at you in regards to “it works”. These results are incredibly promising and follow correspondence with another related study with similar results.

While preliminary feedback found that weight loss rates were not as high as other products, the reduction in waist size is significant. Women generally find it more difficult to lose belly fat than men. Therefore, by seeing such a large reduction in waist size, it is apparent on paper that yacon syrup supports healthy weight loss in the right areas.

Who does Dr. Oz recommend use Yacon Syrup?

According to Dr. Oz, adults who fit any of these categories are best suited to try yacon syrup:

– Overweight or obese adults
– Adults who do not have a lot of fiber in their diet
– Adults who experience frequent constipation
– Adults with high blood sugar levels

There was also the mention that does not recommend adults use yacon syrup that experience frequent diarrhea or loose stools. This is because yacon syrup naturally increases the frequency of bowel movements, so adults who suffer from diarrhea may experience it on a more frequent basis.

How to use Yacon Syrup Extract?

Dr. Oz recommends that users take one teaspoon of 100% pure yacon syrup before or with each meal. It can also be used as a sugar substitute and many of the participants of the Yacon Project added yacon syrup to their coffee or drizzled it on a healthy dessert.

The key thing to remember is to buy 100% pure yacon syrup. This will provide you with the weight loss benefits as well as the many other benefits of yacon syrup. Plus, this ensures you are buying a high quality product that is both safe and effective.

The Key is Weight Loss vs Optimization

Remember, most of those who go on a dietary habit overhaul quickly hit a brick wall because we cold turkey everything in sight and create this huge wall of resistance.

And in this case, in which many of us have faced a lifelong battle of the bulge and addiction to artificially enhanced ‘foods’ – you must adapt the mindset of optimization or slowly and steadily replacing the good with the bad.

Weight loss is all about detoxification and cleansing the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Once proper nutritional needs are met by the body, it can begin to regenerate and rejuvenate its mental potential of shedding excess body fat and metabolic waste byproducts.

Taking supplements is a great way to stay consistent and be persistent in your pursuit to a healthier lifestyle. If your willing to spend the money on it, be willing to invest in the idea that it will work for you as well as adjusting to a whole food diet approach.

One supplement in particular worth mentioning is SilaLive Silica Supplement. A silica-based whole food grade diatomaceous earth product designed to stimulate and activate the detoxification pathways so you can begin to rebuild and repair your body.

Always remember no amount of supplement intake or lack of productive exercise and movement will ever replace what your diet does to your internal chemistry.

In order to start achieving and accomplishing a healthier, happier lifestyle; start with a holistic perspective and begin flushing, removing, and eliminating harmful toxins and fat to begin revitalizing the body and your energy.

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Troy Shanks