Are Your Wrinkles Caused by Dry Skin?


There are a lot of odd beliefs and myths people tend to believe in when it comes to aging. Whether itbe with regard to fine lines or a way to get rid of bags under eyes, people typically want to know why the aging process does what it does. There is a belief that people with naturally oily skin tend to age more gracefully than those that have dry skin since the latter develop wrinkles easier than the former. But does dry skin always correlate with wrinkles? Can having dry skin be the end all and be all when it comes to anti aging? This article will answer these questions. In order to fully understand the relation between dry skin and wrinkles, or the lack of any relation for that matter, we thought it would be beneficial if we also tackled dry skin and its side effects as well as other common causes of wrinkles.

Characteristics of Dry Skin

Dry skin is more commonly known as a skin type however it can also be an effect of a damaged skin barrier or for environmental reasons such as when dry skin occurs in the wintertime. Dry skin is characterized by its inability or poor ability of retaining any moisture. This means that your pores generally do not produce the normal and healthy amount of sebum required. Dry skin occurs during the winter because of the humid wind. For people that just have the dry skin all year round, you may be experiencing this because of your skin’s sensitivity, sun damage or even old age. So as you can see, there are possible connections between dry skin and signs of aging such as wrinkles.

What are the Effects of Dry Skin?

Listed below are the possible effects of dry skin:

  • Tight feeling of skin
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Rosacea as an effect of sensitive dry skin
  • Skin is easily irritated
  • Skin lacks glow from moisture making one look tired
  • Possible broken capillaries if dry skin is a result of sun exposure
  • Signs of aging if dry skin is a result of sun exposure

Does having Dry Skin Result to Wrinkles?

Now that we have exhaustively discussed the characteristics and effects of dry skin, now we have to answer the all-important question, are wrinkles the result of having dry skin? We have to answer this in the negative. Generally there is no correlation between people with dry skin and wrinkles. A theory as to why people think it is possible is that, people with normal or oily skin tend to get this dewy look which makes skin look smoother, making wrinkles less visible. People with dry skin tend to look matte, which just highlights any wrinkles on their skin. However it is important to note that people with dry skin that are constantly exposed to the sun may be at a higher risk of getting wrinkles as a result of such sun exposure.

Can we to Avoid Wrinkles as we Get Older?

Of course we can. Prevention is always key when it comes to these situations. The following are a few tricks and tips or do’s and don’t so that we can lessen the chances of getting wrinkles.

1. Eat anti aging foods. Beauty always starts from within after all. Celebrities have raved about certain food fighting the signs of skin aging. Always munch on avocadoes, food with black sesame on it and pumpkin seeds. Consume a diet that is rich in omega 3 (like shrimp, salmon, tofu and soybean), selenium (oysters, turkey and nuts) and protein (lean meats, eggs and fish).

2. Try using an antioxidants serum. Serums are great since they are more concentrated which means that they are more jam packed with anti aging properties. When looking for a serum always look for Vitamin C, Vitamin E and ferulic acid in the formula.

3. Always use SPF. No matter what the season is, never forget to slab on a layer of sunscreen everyday before going out of the house. A sunscreen that can combat both UVA and UVB rays cannot only protect you from sunburns, it can also stop signs of premature aging.

It feels good to deliver good news to those of us that actually have dry skin. Your dry skin will not translate into wrinkles in a decade or so. As long as you continue to protect your skin and take care of it, there really isn’t much to worry about.


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