Woman diagnosed with breast cancer goes on raw food diet, no longer needs chemotherapy


After her breast cancer diagnosis, one woman decided to go raw during her medical treatment, reinforcing the power behind making healthier choices. Rolene Sher, or RawLean, as she’s known in the raw food community, went 90% raw and says “I never finished my radiation because my body told me it was enough.” These days, she’s full of life, healthy and enjoys eating the vegetables she grows in her own garden in Cape Town, South Africa.

“The moment I started with chemotherapy, I went raw,” she says. “I drank a liter of green juice every single day.” Sher insists that this green juice, typically consisting of a combination of spinach, celery, apples and lemon, restored her body’s health. She explains that the essence of health is “really about looking after yourself” adding that anyone recovering from cancer should swap their large main meal plate with their salad plate in order to consume more fruits and vegetables instead of meats and processed foods.

Her unbelievable transformation not only helped her heal her breast cancer, but she also lost approximately 86 pounds saying her BMI went from “morbidly obese” to “looking good.”

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Along with her husband, Sher runs many workshops at New Beginnings International designed to empower and transform individuals. She views cancer as a gift, a topic she frequently discusses as well as how to heal the body with food and lifestyle changes. Additionally, she’s an Accredited Journey Therapist, a Life Line Counselor and a Reiki Therapist, deeply focused on the incredible power of making positive, healing changes.

A garden full of healthy, anti-cancer foods

It’s not surprising that Sher’s garden boasts a variety of vegetables and herbs known to combat cancers and contribute to overall health. Her garden includes spinach, squash, lemongrass, eggplant, chili peppers, tomatoes, cabbage and basil.

According to the World’s Healthiest Foods web site, “the risk of aggressive prostate cancer is one health benefit of spinach consumption that should not be overlooked when talking about the anti-cancer properties of spinach.” Furthermore, the site explains that spinach is healthy for women as well, citing a study conducted in England that showed its ability to help slow down breast cancer growth. Overall, flavonoids in spinach are known to reduce division in stomach cancer cells.

In addition to growing foods in her own garden, she uses juicers, dehydrators and blenders to prepare her meals and juices. She also prides herself on organization, with several pantries in her home dedicated to flavor including the “sweet cupboard” and the “savory cupboard.”

Video: From Breast Cancer To The Raw Life

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