Winter Skin, Body and Hair Survival Guide


No matter where you are, it seems this winter is mighty cold. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a snowy region of the country or a traditionally warmer region, it’s darn cold. The weather is winter is some of the harshest we’ve seen in years. Heavy snowfall, below average temperatures and blistering wind chill seems to be the norm this year. No matter the temperature, winter can wreaks havoc on the skin, body and hair.

Did you know winter air contains less moisture than warm air? Combine this will low humidity and you’ll soon experience dry hair, skin and a dehydrated body. As the moisture dips, your skin becomes flaky and rough, while your hair loses it natural, healthy shine. In addition, your body needs additional fluids.

Check out this Winter Survival to help you get through the remainder of the winter months.

Re-Introduce Moisture into the Air:

If your heating system doesn’t have a built-in humidifier, consider purchasing a small humidifier for your home. Specially use it in your bedroom to help add extra moisture and prevent dry skin and eyes. Set the humidifier to 50%. This level will allow enough moisture into your room, without allowing additional moisture to build up causing condensation.

Boost Your Immune System

Catching the cold or even getting sniffles can ruin an entire week. One way to decreasing the risk of getting sick is to boost your immune system. Zinc, while not the first thing to come to mind, but zinc is involved in the development and functioning of the body’s infection-fighting white blood cells. According the research, adults need eight to 12 milligrams daily. Zinc can be found in lean red meat, oysters, wholegrain bread and nuts.

Also increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Realizing the produce section of your local grocery store may have a limited selection look for as much locally grown produce as possible. This helps to ensure freshness. In addition, consider adding fruit-based supplements to your diet. For example, Fruit Advantage wild blueberry capsules deliver the anti-oxidant benefits of ¼ cup of the fresh fruit. Tart cherry capsules deliver the equivalent anti-oxidant benefits of drinking 5 glasses of the tart cherry juice without the sugar.

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Pre-Condition Your Hair

Generously coat your hair with a “pre-wash conditioner”. This will help to keep your hair moist and shiny. Also, consider wearing a shower cap for up to 30 minutes after you apply the pre-wash condition. Repeat this pre-condition routine every few days.

Reduce How Often You Wash Your Hair

During the warmer months, many people shampoo daily, however, consider only shampooing every 2- 3 days. Shampoo removes natural oils that help the hair and scalp to remain healthy and moist. Also, rather than using a hair dryer, pat dry and wrap your hair in a towel to further prevent hair damage.

Soothe Your Hand and Heels

Apply aloe vera to hands, feet and heels daily. This helps to offset the drying effects of winter. Also, turn down the temperature of the water as you wash. Hot water removes the natural oils of the skin more rapidly than lukewarm water. Finally, after you apply lotion slip into cotton socks and glove to help your hands and feet remain soft.

Finally, don’t forget to keep up your daily fluid intake, too. Dehydration can low the body’s immune system and make coughs, colds and the flu worse. Also, consider adding a slice of lemon to your water.

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