Will Toxic Ingredients in Beauty Products Kill You?


As a green beauty blogger, I face this question daily: Do the toxic ingredients that I spend so much time blaspheming actually cause you to die? My initial answer might shock you: I don’t really think so. Do I think toxic ingredients are a good idea? Definitely not.

Generally, a series of events, emotions, and toxicity builds up before a person gets sick. It is not usually an isolated incident. Viewing a person holistically means developing the entire picture of dis-ease—not just one snapshot. Lissa Rankin, a traditional medical doctor turned whole health advocate, restructured her life to focus on and teach this vital topic.

When studies show parabens, like methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isopropylparaben, and isobutylparaben, are found in breast cancer tissue—that’s a section of a panoramic photo.

Widening the photo would mean disclosing the emotional trauma, grief, or unresolved feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, or resentment the person has been carrying too, among other possibilities. And with that information, the picture opens up a few inches more.

Add in a poor diet full of refined sugar, soda, and hydrogenated oils, along with lack of exercise, and we formulate a fuller profile. Even then, the picture is not complete.

Doctors are on the fence about toxicology reports too [Reference: http://www.webmd.com/breast-cancer/news/20120112/are-fears-that-deodorant-causes-breast-cancer-unfounded]. Some say there is a clear correlation between cancer and the use of certain chemical compounds, while others pooh-pooh it.

As with all scientific studies and ensuing interpretations, it is imperative to develop a keen sense of discernment, and beyond that—heightened intuition about your own body and what makes it tick.

Without a doubt, lightening the toxic load contributes to better health and a more sustainable environment. It means unburdening our bodies from yet another stressor. Selecting natural and organic skin care that is truly pure means you just Photoshopped the negative to enhance the positives. It means one less detoxification needed; one less harmful chemical spewed into the air we breathe and massaged into our largest, porous organ—the skin.

It means that you care about your health, your world, and the health of our planet. Our choices affect not only our generation, but generations to follow.

It also means that, standing alone, using products with toxic ingredients probably will not kill you. But why take the risk?




Sarita Coren
Hello! After obtaining my MSW, I pursued my interests in the alternative health and wellness field for 18 years. My blog "Peace on the Skin & Peace Within" (www.ediblefacial.com) captures my years of experience and study of holistic wellness, parenthood (I'm a blessed mom of five children), marriage, organic beauty, and musings on life. Thank you for checking it out!