What will happen if ISIS starts WWIII tomorrow?


Ever since its inception, on the internet, ISIS has received a host of predictions. The most apocalyptic one was whether or not ISIS will start another World War.

The ISIS can wage proxy wars in many countries. It can radicalize people to follow their version of Prophet, which is not the PROPHET the world has seen. They can create propaganda but not WWIII, perhaps not yet.

ISIS cannot start a WWIII without becoming a major world power. It has no resources to become one – tomorrow, next week or next month. It also lacks territorial expanse, long-range weapons, access to the world’s oceans, and allies with decent armies.

But if they somehow did, what then?

We should all go out and celebrate if they did.

For ISIS to “start World War III” presumes that the “Caliph” of ISIS declares war on the entire world and sends his armed forces out to wage full scale conventional war against all of ISIS’s enemies.

That war would effectively be over in less than a “week” (or less), and the rest would just be mopping up. Some of the ISIS fighters would fanatically fight to the death, and others would decide that dying for this hypothetical Caliphate isn’t quite so appealing, and either desert and try to blend into the crowd, or surrender, preferably to fellow Muslims.

ISIS doesn’t have the military capability to wage conventional war against an established, stable nation-state. If they declared war on Turkey, for example, and tried to invade it, they would be easily and quickly defeated. They can handle the weak and unreliable Iraqi army, and they can have success against the fragmented different military forces in Syria, but they can barely fight the Russians or Iranians or even Kurdish Peshmerga, who have American supplies and equipment, to a draw. Give the Kurds, Russians, Iranians some U.S. air support, and ISIS cuts and runs.

If they were to come out and actually fight a straight-up fight against a national army, they would get their “assets” handed to them. And they know that. It’s why they haven’t attempted it. ISIS is exploiting a power vacuum in that region; its success is predicated on its enemies remaining weak and divided. The worst thing they could do to themselves is to provoke someone who actually has military strength into a conflict.

Right now, The ISIS consists of an odd 30,000 fighters. The only way they can start a World War is by nuking some place (probably the Middle East or some other Islamic countries) in this world. If it happens, they are calling for an all-out war. The world won’t stop with just airstrikes. They will eliminate them. The s-300 and s-400 are already deployed in Syria The cruise ships in the Baltic are also capable of hitting any region controlled by ISIS. The war will be over before the world knows it has even started and those non-human cartoons will vanish forever and always.


John Turner
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