This Is What Will Happen to Your Body If You Eat Stalk of Celery A Day


Maybe it’s not your favorite food, but celery is one of the healthiest vegetables. If you didn’t eat it often because of its taste, start eating it by combining with other vegetables, it will become more pleasant for eating, and you will get tons of health benefits from this green vegetable.

Eat a stalk of celery everyday, you will notice the difference:

1. You’ll find out that losing weight is not so hard

Celery is a valuable food that is super low in calories, high in fiber and packed with vital nutrients to boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss.

2. Your digestion is also improved

Celery has a great benefit to the digestive tract. It contains a good amount of fiber, cleans the gastrointestinal tract and also prevents constipation.

3. Say goodbye to the inflammatory diseases

Inflammation results in many chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer. Celery is rich in antioxidants and polysaccharides that have anti-inflammatory properties to lower inflammation.

4. An alkaline environment makes you healthier

Celery helps balance acid in your body to prevent diseases. Know More About Why You Should Be Alkalinized and Top 50 Alkaline Foods to Balance Your Body Naturally

5. You’ll have lower risk of high blood pressure

Phthalides in celery have been proven to lower high blood pressure by relaxing the muscles around the arteries. The seeds of celery also have anti-hypertensive properties that help moderate blood pressure.

6. A fact that you should know is: two stalks of celery per day will reduce the bad cholesterol by up to 7%

This property of celery makes it a good vegetable to maintain and improve heart health.

7. Your eyes are under protection

The high amounts of vitamin A make celery good at improve your eye health and prevent age-related eye disease.

8. Without stress, you’ll sleep better

A cup of celery juice before bedtime helps you sleep well as celery has a calming effect on the nervous system. While you have to take it on a daily basis over some days to see the result.

9. Less chances you’ll get cancer

Celery has anti-cancer properties as it contains chemo-protective compounds called polyacetylenes, which help fight against the cancer formation, such as intestinal and breast cancer.

10. You’ll have stronger bones

A good amount of calcium and phosphorus in celery are important for building strong bones.

11. It keeps bad breath at bay

Both celery and celery seeds contain compounds that kill bacteria that cause bad breath. Celery also contains other antibacterial agents that help prevent infections.


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Be A Celery Lover: It Reduces Inflammation, Aids Digestion, Lowers High Blood Pressure and Combats Cancer

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