Why we live to eat and not eat to live


Today I was watching “Man VS Food” and I was disgusted with what I was seeing. I have to admit I don’t watch much TV. When my friend put the show on I was amazed at how far we have digressed in our eating habits. At what point did we decide it was OK to consume such large quantities of unhealthy food to get a free t-shirt and our name on a wall of fame or should I say shame. When did we start to live to eat? Competitive eating is dangerous and unhealthy. As the crowd cheers on a man sits and gorges himself with sickening amounts of food that undoubtedly will cause health problems down the line.

Consuming that amount of food puts an extraordinary strain on you digestive and endocrine system. The amount of fat, carbohydrates, sugar, factory raised and more than likely GMO’s consumed taxes the system to the point of exhaustion. While your body is trying to process the overload you are depleting vital enzymes that you need to fight off serious health complications. With continued abuse your body breaks and you fall victim to man-made illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes, cancer and more. Is it no wonder we are fat, sick and nearly dead? We are being entertained daily by unhealthy food shows that promote poor nutrition and eating habits. It makes us think its OK to eat like this and eat these foods.

Our declining health is a generational problem that we have passed down through our food consumption. We have gotten away from our primal instincts and eating habits of eating to live. We have created food like products of the unhealthiest kind lacking essential nutrients needed for life. I’m not saying these foods don’t taste good but they are far from what we need to, survive and thrive. Our bodies were not designed to eat the quantities of sugar and carbs we are consuming. As a result our health is declining despite the fact we are the wealthiest nation with the best medical care.

At what point do we say enough is enough and demand a change? A change in government subsidies that make a salad as cheap as a Big Mac? A change from sick care to health care? From disease management to prevention? From celebrating gorging ourselves to death and feeding our-self for longevity? For a safe, healthy, nutrient dense food supply rather than one of chemicals, GMO’s, enriched foods that have been depleted of any nutrition? How do we effect this change? It’s simple, stop watching these shows, vote with your money by buying local fresh food and eat to live. Go back to the food supply and dietary habits of our great grand parents. If we don’t turn this around soon we are going to watch our children die an early death of malnutrition and yet obese. Never before in our history have we been so fat and unhealthy. We are now burying people in coffins large enough that they have to be laid to rest by a crane. We are dying from obesity at an alarming rate and it is starting with children as young as one year old. Diabetes is skyrocketing as well as cardiac problems and cancer. All of which are man-made diseases and unheard of just 50 to 100 years ago. The statistics are staggering and have deadly consequences.

Is this the legacy we want to leave our children, our grandchildren? I know this is not what I want for my family. I am two years diabetes free after being diagnosed in November 2009 at 26 weeks pregnant. I did not ask to become diabetic. I struggled with it for almost twelve years before I reversed it. I became a part of our sick care system. A system that almost killed me and prescribed medication that now has shown to cause cancer and kill people. All because I lacked the knowledge of the value of good nutrition and was in love with food like substances. Americans have an unhealthy love affair with food. One that claims lives daily. Next time you watch a food show, go to a buffet, look around. What do you see? Next time you see an obese toddler, teen or adult ask yourself why are they obese? Look at what they are cooking, eating and drinking. Is it food that is life-giving or life taking? What do you want to eat? Want your loved ones to eat? Do you want to eat to live or live to eat? Jamie Oliver has been on a crusade here in America for over ten years to wake us up to the damage we are causing to our health. Sadly our western way of life is now causing the same damage to other countries that have adopted our lifestyle. It’s time we set an example for ourselves and say to the world that we aren’t going to accept this unhealthy way of living anymore. It starts by what’s on our plate. What’s on your plate and are you ready to make the change!

Choose the best food for the best health,

Cherise Scally C.N.P., C.H.P., Health Coach
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Cherise Scally
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