Who Needs Vaccines, When Vitamins Work Better?


Taking the correct vitamin supplements on a daily basis is an easy way to safely boost your natural immunity.

Vaccines Are both Dangerous and Ineffective

Vaccination is never a good idea.

The American public is currently being subjected to a relentless vaccine advertisement campaign promoting the effectiveness of vaccines and vaccination.

Vaccines, however, have been widely reported by those in the know to have many different adverse health consequences. The adjuvants commonly used in vaccines are suspected to be inked to autism in children and Alzheimer’s disease in adults.

Certainly the annual flu shot is the weakest link in all the vaccines currently being marketed to the public. The effectiveness of flu vaccines are totally laughable due to the fact that the vaccine makers have to guess at which influenza strains are going to be active, long before flu season arrives. Stories about people coming down with influenza after receiving a flu shot are widely reported.

In short, despite what you hear in the media vaccines & vaccinations are a big lie.

If vaccines don’t work, then how is a person supposed to protect themselves against the common cold and the flu? Hundreds of different herbs and substances are rumored to strengthen your natural immunity. But, what should people take to actually get the job done?

Colloidal Silver

Certainly in natural health circles, many people are big fans of Colloidal Silver. But, did you know that  vitamin A prevents chronic infections? It is just as effective and costs considerably less than Colloidal Silver does. Furthermore, vitamin A is required by your body for good health. It is a vitamin, after all.

Vitamins Shown To Boost Your Immune System

While vitamin D is widely reported to prevent colds, a cocktail of different vitamins and one mineral does a much better job of protecting your family against sickness. In addition, nothing is safer, more convenient, and costs less than natural vitamin supplements.

While preventing the common cold and influenza can never be completely guaranteed, here is a regiment of vitamins that is known to strengthen your natural immunity.

Vitamins that offer protection against Colds and the Flu

The following dosages are for an adult weighing 150 pounds, 68 kilograms, or 11 stone. While many different factors are involved in determining vitamin needs for a specific individual, certainly taking body weight into consideration is very important.

  • Vitamin C – 1,000 mg a day, in divided dosages
  • Vitamin D – 5,000 IU (or 32 IU per pound of body weight per day)
  • Vitamin A – 10,000 IU twice a week
  • Zinc – 25 mg a day

Ever since Linus Pauling promoted the use of vitamin C, people have considered it important to immune health. To prevent colds, 1 gram or 1,000 mg a day is a reasonable dosage taken either in a time release form or in divided dosages (such as 250 mg) through out the day, since it is water soluble.

Vitamins A and D are oil soluble and should be taken with a meal that contains some fat or oil.

Vitamin D is widely reported to prevent the common cold. The recommended 5,000 IU a day amount indicates that a mere 400 IU won’t do the job. Vitamin D blood tests are recommended for figuring out exactly how much “D” a specific individual should be taking.

There is a vitamin D revolution taking place, but to boost your natural immunity 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood levels of at least 38 ng/mL are highly recommended.

Both Vitamin A, in the animal or retinol form, and the mineral Zinc protect against chronic infections. Generally, being plagued by repeated ear infections, for example, indicates that you are grossly deficient in Vitamin A.

Unlike vitamin D, recommended blood levels for vitamin A are no where to be found in the scientific literature. The above recommended dosage is actually less than the RDA for vitamin A and is based upon the results of blood tests. Even if you are eating a horrible diet, this dosage should be able to put you in the middle of the normal blood range for retinol. You just have to remember that vitamin A is NOT candy. Grossly over doing retinol supplementation on a long term basis can lead to liver failure.

Again, taking vitamin A blood tests are recommended for more certainty. Remember that a little bit of “A” goes a long way. Everyone uses up Vitamin A daily in the body’s mucous linings, as well as throughout the entire length of your gut or colon.

In conclusion, there are many natural ways to strengthen your immune system. Remember to stay away from vaccines and vaccination since nobody obtains health at the end of a needle.

Research References:

Health research studies tend to go on forever. There are literally thousands of them to pick from. Here are a few key studies that document that the above recommended list of vitamins has been shown to boost your natural immune system.

About the author: John Gohde is a writer for NaturalHealthPerspective.com. He is a senior citizen who lives in Virginia. His main passions are natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles.

John Gohde
John Gohde is a writer for NaturalHealthPerspective.com. He is a senior citizen who lives in Virginia. His main passions are natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles.