Which Fruits You Should Not Eat During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is a blessing in disguise. But, from battling through the emotional upheavals to physical changes, we know what you have to undergo, all throughout these nine months. To combat these shifts in your life, we understand you might also have to make a few significant changes in your lifestyle. One of them is to follow a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet.  And amidst a healthy and nutritious diet, lots of vegetables, fruits and cereals are included in your pregnancy platter.

After all, whatever you eat will meet the nutritional requirements of your growing baby coiled inside your womb, directly.

Fruits are essential to fulfil your Vitamin C requirements, and to keep you hydrated.

But there is a catch here! You can’t have every fruit available in the market.

There are some fruits which are not-so-pregnancy-friendly, after all. Which fruits are they? Read this engaging article to find out:  


Intake of pineapple, during pregnancy is a big No! Basically, pineapple has bromelain in high amounts. Bromelain is an enzyme, which breaks the protein and softens the cervix, thus resulting in sharp uterine contractions, early labor, and even miscarriage. 


Grapes are considered to be one of the nutritious fruits, but its effectiveness during pregnancy is doubtful. Basically, grapes have resveratrol compounds, which is mostly found in the skin. And resveratrol is toxic for you and may not positively impact your pregnancy. In addition to this, digesting grapes, during this time, might be difficult for you, as your digestive system seems to be weak, while you are carrying. 


Papayas has the essential macro-nutrients and vitamins needed to keep the body strong, but it definitely not advisable during your pregnancy as it has rich latex content in it, which can trigger uterine contractions, and result in a miscarriage. It also contains papain which your body may mistake for the prostaglandins sometimes used to induce labor. It may also weaken vital membranes that support the foetus. Moreover, excessive consumption of this fruit will increase your bowel movements, thus exerting pressure on the uterus.  


The water content in fruit will surely keep you hydrated and help you in flushing out the toxins from your body, but when the baby gets exposed to these toxins, it will turn out to be harmful for the unborn baby. Additionally, getting exposed to the sugar content might raise your glucose level, thus resulting in gestational diabetes. 


Bananas too? We’re sure you must be surprised to find this fruit in the list of “Not-these-fruits-during-pregnancy”, but yes it should be avoided in some cases. Bananas are known to contain chitinase, a kind of latex, which is also known for being allergen, might adversely affect you, during your pregnancy, if you are prone to allergy. Additionally, the amount of sugar in this fruit, might increase your blood sugar level, just like the watermelon and similarly end up giving you gestational diabetes. 


Well! They are full of vitamins and the all-essential nutrients, but its effectiveness during pregnancy is doubtful. Eating a date or two is fine, but anything more than that, during your pregnancy might raise your body heat and might even lead to uterine contractions.


A hot fruit indeed! And consuming them might yet again rise your body heat, during your pregnancy, thus causing internal bleeding and miscarriage. So, having it in moderation is the key.

Frozen Berries?

The original flavor, even the nutrients are lost, when you have berries frozen. Moreover, it will turn out to be toxic both for you and your unborn baby. Therefore, having fresh fruits is always a good idea, during your pregnancy. 


Having said that, now that you have a list of not-so-pregnancy-friendly fruits ready, try to stay away from them at all costs. Even if some of them, amongst these might be irresistibly favorite to you.

However, before you make a choice from mangoes, guavas and pomegranates, during pregnancy, don’t forget to consult your doctor. 

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