What’s The REAL Reason Blacks Are Hurt More By Vaccines?


To Learn The Truth, Our Attitude Matters

In my decades of holistic health research, I have made the most progress in discovering how things really work by getting rid of all preconceptions and just looking for whatever is true, even when it contradicts what I might expect.  I have no loyalty to any label, no membership in any group to defend, no one that controls my research that I have to please.  For my own learning, all I have wanted is to know the truth and then to be able to share what I find with you, to give you more avenues to explore that may help you.

The Recent CDC Unpleasantness

Everyone who listens to or reads real media (NOT what’s on TV) now knows that CDC has been exposed in its criminal conduct of hiding the fact that MMR vaccines (and who knows how many others – maybe all vaccines?) can cause autism.  It should not be a surprise to anyone that the practice of injecting toxic heavy metals and a long list of other poisons directly into the bodies of children causes horrible effects, even when they’re not immediately obvious.  This should be what was once called “common sense.”  If you found your child in the backyard playing with a syringe (even a clean one) full of these ingredients (like aluminum, mercury, etc.) and injecting it into themselves or a friend, you would understandably be pretty upset and probably terrified.  Yet millions of people actually pay for adults (usually dressed up in white costumes and acting very “wise” and knowledgeable) to do this same type of thing to them and their children and babies.  The expected catastrophic effects are called “side effects” so you won’t realize that no, these are just the effects, period.

Remember “Common Sense?”

This gives a clue to what happens when common sense is abandoned in favor of what is today known as “science.”  I have looked at the last several hundred years of history of the practice of vaccination, and found no indication that I can verify that vaccines have EVER prevented disease of any kind, though they have started and spread many epidemics in the past.  “Studies” by individuals or agencies, etc. with conflicts of interest do not count, for obvious reasons.  I also found this documentary worth viewing on the subject of vaccine safety, effectiveness, history, ingredients and legal aspects:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqx8NyPVrHg .

It should be common sense that children and adults would be hurt or killed by vaccines on a routine basis.  What is somewhat less obvious is why certain groups of people, such as African-American young boys in the case of the MMR vaccine, should be hurt in even greater numbers than others.  For full disclosure in addressing this issue, I should mention here that I personally do not believe in “race.” when speaking of human beings.   I see human beings as brothers and sisters in one family, each of us a complete individual with our own unique heritage, including where our ancestors came from and all of our cultural background.  But we are individuals.  To stereotype any of us by “race,” as if everyone in that group is the same, or has the same ideas, beliefs, habits, etc., is (or should be) obviously  not only ridiculous and untrue, but also a highly dangerous oversimplification.  It is used by governments and big corporations to turn us against each other, and we could get smart enough to refuse to fall for that any time we feel like it.

Human Origins and Sunlight

To me, and from what I have been able to learn in my own studies, it is likely that all humans had a common geographical area of origin, perhaps in Africa.  But from there, human beings spread to different parts of the planet, where different climates made different diets and lifestyles develop depending on local conditions where each group came to live.  And a huge key difference in the places we ended up was amount of solar radiation in each location.

As Dr. Brownstein (www.drbrownstein.com) and other great doctors and researchers have pointed out, vitamin D (ideally from sunlight) is absolutely essential to health and our resistance to disease.  That may well be the reason the current drug-based medical system says that sunlight is so dangerous (it could be very bad for business), when actual real data we have says the opposite.  People whose ancestors came from areas of high sun exposure developed more melanin in their skin to make sure that they got enough sunlight but not too much, for optimum health.  People from areas farther from the equator developed lighter skin to allow more of the vital sunlight (we call it “vitamin D” but undoubtedly their are many other beneficial components of sunlight we don’t even know exist) to penetrate the body.

Now in modern society, almost everyone is deficient in vitamin D (actually and more accurately we are deficient in the sun exposure we need).  This means our immune systems and health in general are compromised.  And whose systems are compromised the most?  Obviously that would be people who over many generations and thousands of years have developed darker skins from ancestors that lived in high sun exposure areas.  They are most at risk, because their skins need more sun exposure than people with less melanin in their skin.  The idea of race in all of this is completely irrelevant.  What matters is how dark or light the skin is, regardless of “race.”  It is critical that people with darker skin get more sunlight, within reason of course as getting burned is not the objective.

Why Race Is Irrelevant But Useful To Those Who Would Divide And Distract Us

It should be clear that the concept of “race” is not useful at all in this analysis and is highly misleading.  Every person is a unique and infinitely valuable individual, with his or her own background, ancestors, culture, genetics attitudes and points of view.  The idea of race is mostly useful to those that want to split us into groups to hate and fight each other.  Just think about it.  Imagine a region where almost everyone seems to be of one particular race.  Then just say we use the media to convince all of those people that actually they are two different “races,” one that lives in the western half of the country, the other that lives in the eastern half, and point out some minor common difference in physical features between the two groups.  Tell each group that the other one hates them and has been the hidden cause of their suffering.  Presto, now you can set up social conflicts and hatred to completely distract the population from the real issues and events going on around them, such as the danger of government tyranny.  This is exactly what we are witnessing in the world today with races, classes, genders, religions and other artificially divided groups of human beings encouraged every day in obvious and subtle ways to fight each other.  We could rise above this any day we decide to do it, and there are a lot of reasons to do it now.  Mutual respect and love between humans of all kinds would be more than any tyrannical ruler could possibly deal with (a worse threat in their eyes than any foreign attack), and peace could become a real possibility (a tyrant’s worst nightmare of course).

Vitamin D Levels And Vaccine Damage As A Theory To Explore

So to clarify what I think is worth looking into, as a possible explanation of why people with darker skin were less able to withstand the onslaught to their bodies with the barbarous practice of “vaccination.”  I am saying that anything that undermines the natural strength and immunity is likely to make the affected group more susceptible to damage.  That would mean groups that had poorer basic health would be affected more severely by health destroying practices such as vaccination.  And a massively important health factor, as Brownstein and others have shown, is vitamin D.  The theory that this might be what has made young African American boys more affected than others in the current vaccination scandal would be quite easy to check out, by looking at their blood levels of vitamin D compared to kids that were less damaged by the vaccines (at least in terms of obvious neurological symptoms).  Another thing that might be interesting would be to see if African American boys that had spent more time than the others in the sun had lower levels of autism.

This kind of research would be harmless and easy to do.  I would suggest also that extending the research into the correlation between blood levels of vitamin D or better yet hours of sun exposure, with other diseases or negative health conditions.  If there is a widespread correlation, which I suspect there would be, then here is a body of knowledge that could be used to correct many areas where currently darker skinned people have more health problems than those with lighter skin.  Instead of using the discrepancy to fan race division and conflict among the population, it could be used to simply correct the problem, with massive implications for improved health among millions of people.

Best Effects From Vitamin D Require Nutrition And Detox

It is also important to clarify the obvious fact that vitamin D and sunlight exposure is not the only factor in health and immunity.  The public desperately needs education in nutrition and detoxification of the body, and especially how to improve everyday practices to keep unnecessary toxins (like GMO’s in food or fluoride in water) out of their lives and away from their kids.  The current system loses money and power if we stop getting diseases.  In fact health itself would be a catastrophe for them from a business point of view.  My own research has shown me that the two principles of nutrition and detoxification are critical to avoid exactly what we see now, i.e. a nation of diseased and sick people, addicted to medical drugs, deteriorating as they get older into an often hellish old age.  We are told this is totally normal, and our drug-centered medical system is cutting edge “science.”  I have found the truth to be the opposite, and that the body is designed to stay in good condition right up to the time of death.  All of these out of control diseases are a result of a health system,  food industry and toxic industry in general, that undermine the normal great state of health we were designed to enjoy with practically no need for “health care” except in accidents, certain congenital defects and rare situations like that.

Would We Even Recognize Real Health Care If We Saw It?

So outside of these special cases like accidents, trauma and a few necessary surgeries, what would real health care be?  First of all, education of course.  How to live in harmony with the ancient and timeless laws of nature so that our bodies function at their intended highest potential.  We all need to understand what foods we need and what types of food and lifestyle choices cause our bodies to break down.  We need certain kinds of exercise in appropriate amounts, with adequate rest times and healthy sleep patterns.    We need to learn how to take back our mental and emotional patterns so they come back under our own control, not the hypnosis of the media and so-called “educational” programming, so we can make them positive and life-giving again.  Good or bad thoughts and emotions change our blood chemistry immediately, and have a vast impact on our health.  Hating each other is literally suicidal.  Love builds strength and immunity.  These things are real immunization.  Putting toxic ingredients through hollow needles into our bodies and the bodies of the children that depend on us to be sane and protect them, is not.

Real common sense has been long forgotten by most of our society, which is why we even accept the fake health care we are now forced to endure.   This is allowing our rulers (no, most of them don’t deserve to be called leaders) to lead us into destruction.  Fake, pretentious patently ridiculous fake “science” and “experts” who want to control our lives have taken over instead.  The knowledge of how to maintain a very high level of health has existed for thousands of years, and is accessible today, in spite of government’s best efforts to hide it for the sake of a multi-trillion dollar “health care” system that tells us disease is normal.

So What Can We Do For Our Own Health And That Of Our Kids?

The bottom line is to start having faith in yourself.   You are an incredible being, beautiful beyond any words.  There is brilliance and creativity in every single one of us, so we need to respect and appreciate each other if we want to reach our real potential.  You can learn and explore any area of knowledge that appeals to you.  So don’t take my word on anything, but just accept my invitation to do your own research and make your own discoveries instead of memorizing the dictates of “experts.”  You can learn whatever you want, including how to take care of your own health.  Look into sunlight.  My own investigations say it’s vital for our health, not some mistake of God that is going to give you cancer (the explanation of that is more complex, and maybe we can discuss it more later).  And if your skin is darker, you need it even more.  Build up to the right amount gradually and remember to immediately start to fix your other lifestyle mistakes while you detox your body to make good use of the best nutrition you can get.  Don’t be lazy about your bad habits, your body is affected by everything you do, so start replacing your bad habits today and get addicted to good ones instead.

If you don’t get what you need from the sun you were designed to use, then attacks on your health, such as injecting toxic metals and other poisons into your body through hollow needles (not a brilliant idea) is likely to hurt you more.    Just a theory of mine, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.  Check it out, and learn as much as you can, then use it to your advantage instead of relying on others.  You will be amazed at what you can learn and how much better you can feel if you just start learning today and then use what you discover.  Observation, recognition of patterns in what you observe, and then figuring out what those patterns mean, used to be the basis of real science.  And the secret is, you can do it yourself starting now.  The education is life-long and I will bet that you’ll be glad you took the first step on that new adventure, enjoying the effects as your health and life improve.  Common sense should never have taken a back seat to what now passes for science.  Take it back and use it.

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