What Is The Real Cause Of Really Bad Morning Sickness And Nausea During Pregnancy


Most every pregnant mom experiences morning sickness and even afternoon sickness, night sickness or any time during the day. You see, nausea can be debilitating. And probably a billion pregnant moms are enduring nausea right now and are unfortunately mostly powerless to stop it or even prevent it, but it’s not because of the reason you think it is – it’s not because well, you’re pregnant, even though pregnancy would seem to be the most obvious reason. There is actually a bigger cause of nausea during pregnancy that is far less obvious, even though it is actually the bigger cause of nausea or said another way, seriously exacerbates the slight nausea that is already there, but in either case, this bigger cause makes it all worse.

The Bigger Cause

Are you ready? The bigger cause of all that terrible nausea most every mom experiences during pregnancy is due to the fact that most every mom is desperate to swallow pills, tablets and capsules that are supposed to have nutrition, but never gets absorbed nor assimilated. Why not? Because pregnancy is the time when digestion is at its weakest and the most fragile. According to various reports and studies on pregnancy and nutrition, results show that every unhealthy pregnancy and every unhealthy baby born, somehow did not receive enough nutrition! And these results are after studying 1,000s of pregnant moms who swallowed pills, tablets and capsules every single day that was supposed to provide enough prenatal nutrition.

Now, you could conclude yourself that if the results show no improvement, even after swallowing so much ‘nutrition’ every day for 9 months, then that ‘nutrition’ must not be real nutrition at all, but I won’t go there, instead I’ll just point out the bigger cause of nausea during pregnancy – pills, tablets and capsules! Forget about the nutrition for a moment and ask yourself, if I swallow pills, tablets and capsules every day when my digestion is at its weakest and most fragile, and then threw up each day, how could I possibly absorb and assimilate enough nutrition to create a truly healthy pregnancy and a truly healthy baby anyway – you can’t! no one can. There is only one way to easily digest and assimilate every nutrient you swallow, without feeling too nauseous to the point of throwing up, and that’s to eat it or drink it instead.

You see, when your digestion is at its weakest, there is only one form of nutrition your body can digest and assimilate – raw food! Raw food requires very little energy to digest and even less energy to assimilate. Raw food is your path to a truly healthy pregnancy and a truly healthy baby. But, does that mean you should run to your nearest health food store and buy some organic produce and become a vegan? Well, that might be better, but that is still not the best way, because there is something even better than doing that.

I have known for a while now that pesticide-free produce or “certified organic produce” now sold in health food stores is actually much less pesticide-free than “certified organic” once was just a decade ago. In other words, as time goes on, the “organic certification” is slowly becoming more and more contaminated, which is why even though eating “certified organic” is more popular now than ever, chronic illness is still on the rise and I’m sure will keep rising for many years to come.

You might be thinking right about now, “so what do I do?”. That’s the wisest question you can ask yourself at this point, because the answer will change the health of your pregnancy and the health of your baby forever! The answer will not only create the healthiest pregnancy and baby you have ever seen, but will help anyone trying to get pregnant and also any woman who experienced multiple miscarriages to also experience a truly healthy pregnancy and a truly healthy baby. I call it “Truly Healthy Mom”, because that’s what you become, a Truly Healthy Mom! And when you’re truly healthy, so is your baby!



Dr Wayne
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