Weird But Amazing Natural Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infections


Let’s just straight to the point here: yeast infections suck. There is nothing more irritating, uncomfortable, and frankly embarrassing than being plagued by this itchy, painful, itchy, discharge producing, itchy, smelly – and did I say itchy? – malady. We need remedies, fast.

Whether it is the result of antibiotic use or weakened immunity, the symptoms related to yeast infections are persistent and unbearable. As such, effective short and long term solutions need to be implemented straight away for relief and ongoing wellness.

Yeast infections and vaginal thrush occur due to the overgrowth of the fungus Candida Albicans. It is increasingly common, and indicative of unbalanced micro-flora in the vaginal area. Conventional medical advice would tell you to use a hydrocortisone cream to battle the side effects, but this is only a short term solution, and often loses its efficacy with repeated use.

There is no need to rely on pharmaceuticals to restore a healthy vaginal environment.  Safe and effective – if unconventional, and surprising – alternative therapies can and do work, while protecting your body from harsh, destabilizing chemicals.

With sincere empathy for my fellow sufferers, I’m pleased to present my honest-to-goodness, personally tested, highly recommended, weird but amazing natural remedies for battling yeast infections and intimidating the itch.

Immediate Relief

Eliminate with Essential Oil Remedies

The quickest and easiest method of dealing with such unpleasant side effects as inflammation, pain, or itching is the application of essential oils.

The two I’ve used to greatest effect are organic lavender and tea tree oils. Both are armed with anti-fungal properties are going to fight the overgrowth of the harmful yeast pathogens, while protecting the delicate balance of flora .

While there are dozens of essential oils on the market, choose pure, organic sources, of the highest quality to ensure best results.

In acute cases, this remedy offers almost immediate relief – and when you are at your sister’s wedding, scratching yourself into oblivion isn’t a viable option, so it’s always handy to have a back-up plan.

How to apply:

You can administer this oil remedy in a variety of ways according to preference.

Here are my top three:

  1. Oil application: mix 1-2 drops of either essential oil with ½ teaspoons of coconut oil. Apply to affected area. Using the oil technique has the added benefit of soothing and moisturizing the inflamed tissue.
  2. Water application: same as above, only dilute the essential oil(s) with water.
  3. Soaked tampon: make a mixture of 4-5 drops of essential oil to 2 tablespoons of water or melted coconut oil. Soak a tampon in the solution. Insert as per usual. Change twice daily till symptoms subside.

A word of warning: these oils are highly concentrated and extremely potent; careless or excessive use can have an adverse effect, so be sure to proceed with due caution.

Garlic Remedies

Raw garlic is an essential component to battling yeast infections. It can be used internally and externally, offering powerful anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, and is even shown to be effective against parasites.

While eating crushed raw garlic offers numerous health benefits, the following approach to dealing with yeast infections is more palatable, but does require a pioneering mindset.

Inserting whole cloves of garlic into your vagina may sound like homespun voodoo insanity – but that is exactly what I am proposing you do. I wouldn’t blame you for hitch-hiking away from this advice as soon as possible. However, I also wouldn’t suggest such an outlandish tactic if I couldn’t personally attest to the results.

After a single application, you will realize the power of this seemingly questionable, yet powerful, natural remedy. This anti-fungal treatment basically ensures that the bad bugs are going to get it in the neck, and your natural balance will quickly be restored.

How to apply:

Always use fresh, organic garlic. Start by slightly scoring the outside of the peeled clove – this will allow the release of beneficial properties, without it being too overpowering.

Then, string your clove onto a strong piece of thread with a sterile needle, leaving plenty of extra string at the bottom; this will effectively create a tampon-like device (and if you think of this whole exercise like an alternative tampon, it is not nearly so scary as you first thought).

If you are shy, start with one clove; you can work your way up to three or four as you become more confident.

Insert just as you would a tampon; gently, letting your anatomy guide you. The farther up you go, the more secure it will be. Later, when you are ready to remove it, tug the string and you’re done. See? You’re a pro already.

Change twice daily, until symptoms subside.

Worried about a stray clove getting lost in the worst possible place? Women have been terrified of tampons going amiss in their vaginal cavity for decades; the truth is, it can’t happen, and strange hippie garlic remedies are no exception.

If you do lose track of a clove, do not panic. It will naturally ease its way down and out in a day or two.

Probiotic Remedies

While you are busy killing off all the yeasty yoiks in town, it’s crucial that you strengthen your defenses with a steady stream of probiotics at the same time. This is going to ensure that you recover quickly, optimize your bacterial balance, improve immune function, and prevent re-infection.

Additionally, bug balance contributes to a top-notch brain function, hormone happiness, and a strong gut – so there’s more reason that ever to get your fair share.

How to Apply:

There are three primary ways in which you can use probiotics to your greatest advantage, which can be explored separately or in combination.

  1. Eat: With delicious options such as kefir, kombucha, and fermented vegetables becomingly increasingly popular, you can buy and make healthful foods and drinks that are bursting with friendly flora.
  2. Supplement: You can buy probiotic supplements online or over the counter in most health stores. Look for strains with saccharomyces boulardii, which actively eats harmful yeasts.
  3. Vaginally: you have a couple of options here –
    • You can apply a soothing coat of probiotic rich milk kefir or plain yogurt to the inflamed tissue, and wear a pad for continued relief.
    • You can soak a tampon in milk kefir or plain yogurt and insert it for internal relief.
    • You can insert a probiotic capsule vaginally – the deeper the better. Over the course of the day, the gelatin capsule will dissolve and release healing flora.

Long Term Relief

When battling an active infection, the first port of call is simply dealing with the crashing distraction of the red, raw, burning, itching, angry symptoms. Secondly, and most importantly, is supporting your body’s long term wellness.

There are two natural supplements that have seen me through the darkness of disaster many times. By turfing out the pests good and proper, taking this extra step will provide lasting harmony and vaginal health.

Capryllic Acid

This is a coconut derived fatty-acid does all the heavy lifting when it comes to ridding the raiders.

Dose up to ensure that the excessive yeast cells are not only weakened, but killed. Thoroughly eradicating these beasties using safe methods is just good biological business sense. Restoring a healthy balance of microorganisms after an infection is essential for continued harmony.

Start taking at the first sign of symptom onset, and continue taking according to the label for 3-4 days after subsidence.


Monolaurin, also derived from coconut oil is marketed as an overall immune enhancer, but is essentially a bio-film disruptor: this means that the tough-to-crack exterior of the unwelcome invaders is compromised, and far easier to combat.

Tough dudes that run the yeast business will likely need a good, old fashioned talking-to, and this will be your best shot at winning the negotiations.

Non-toxic and safe for both short and long term use, it’s an essential component to keeping your vulva vital.

Combine it with the anti-fungal muscles of caprylic acid, and this dynamic-duo will knock out even the toughest villains.

Feel Better With Natural Remedies

These remedies are likely to challenge your medical preconceptions and biological barriers; that’s OK. It took me a while to feel comfortable using this weird and wonderful approach. But, woman to woman, I guarantee you can ditch the itch and rock on with real life in no time flat.

Go on. Feel better

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Anna Maiden
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