Weight Training Routine For Fitness and Weight Loss


This weight training routine is designed to get you fit and also to help you to lose weight. Weight training is a popular way to manage weight and can sometimes be more effective that simply cardio exercises.

Weight training requires a good warm up first to ensure that your muscles are ready to take on some serious work. You do not need to stretch before weight training, and you should not stretch cold muscles anyway – this is a common mistake that many people make in the gym nowadays.

The best way to warm up is to do 5 to 10 minute of light cardio, such as working out on a cross trainer, stationary bike or a rowing machine. If you are planning to do your weight training after your usual cardio session then you do not need to warm up at all, other than performing the warm up sets.

For this weight training routine you will be performing 3 set of 8 reps of each exercise. This means that for each exercise you need to lift the weight 8 times in a row, then rest for a short period, usually 1 to 2 minutes, and then repeat the set two more times. A set is simply a series of exercises tips which are repeated, and reps is short for repetitions (repeats). It is useful to get to know the weight training phrases so when you move on from this workout to more advanced workouts in books and on other websites you can understand what you are being told.

This workout tips will cover your whole body. It does require that you have access to some weight training equipment and resistance machines.

Squats – The first exercise should be the squat. Ideally you should do these with free weights in a squat cage. You should never squat with a heavy weight on your own without supports to catch the bar.

Basic barbells stands are not adequate either, you need two parallel bars to ensure that you are 100% safe in the event that you legs give way under you. To perform a squat rest the bar on your shoulders and then simply squat your body down, leading with your backside and keeping your back straight and while looking forwards. When your legs are close to parallel to the floor lift up again into a standing position. Start with a warm up set using half the mass of your work sets, then perform 3 work sets.

Bench Press – The next exercise is the mighty bench press. Lie on a solid bench, again ideally with supports on either side, especially if you are training alone. Then press the weight directly upwards and lower again to your chest. Use the same warmup method using half the weight first then the 3 work sets. Keep your elbows sticking outwards and your grip wider than shoulder width.

Pull Down – Using a pull down cable machine perform 3 sets of 8 pull downs. Pull the bar down to your chest, not behind your neck. Try not to lean backwards too much as this engages other muscles.

Curls – Curls work the biceps and are an important exercise as they aid so many sports and daily life too. Stronger arms means lifting shopping and children is much easier, so do not be afraid to work your arms a little.

These four exercises are all you need to get started in weight training. You should be able to perform them in around 20 minutes. Aim to lift a little more every 2-3 weeks to progress with your strength training.

Michelle Schoffro