Weight Loss Success: Feeling Good about your Body NOW is the Scientifically Proven Key


With just under quarter of the adult population of England as well as over a third of Americans tipping the scales of obesity, researchers are now investigating the psyche of weight loss and body image to help patients effectively lose weight in a meaningful and healthy way.

The Technical University of Lisbon along with Bangor University have developed and tested a behavioral intervention program to study the effects that a woman’s body image would have on her ability to lose weight. The results of the research show a clear connection between how a person feels about their physical image and their ability to lose weight.

Research published in BioMed Central’s International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity shows promising results after a group of researchers conducted behavioral interventions on a group of obese women on a weight loss program and compared them to the results of a control group who did not participate in the intervention plan.
For one year, each group engaged in weight loss activities.

The weight loss efforts of the control group were supported with information on nutrition, managing stress and other health information. The intervention group, however, attended weekly group meetings to discuss body image concerns as well as obstacles to weight loss like emotional eating, the challenges of exercising and their own personal weight loss struggles.

After a full year, the resulting difference in weight loss between the two groups was substantial. The control group, who did not participate in body image support and intervention, lost less than 2% of their original starting weight. The group involved in the intervention plan, however, boasted an average of 7% weight loss at the program’s conclusion.

The study clearly supports the theory that a positive body image plays a key role in the ability to lose and maintain excess weight. Women who felt better about how they looked were less anxious about the opinions of peers and more likely to adopt better eating habits, rather than resorting to comfort eating during times of distress.

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