Water: What Your Body Is Really Craving


Do You Need More Water?

Water is a way of life, or rather life itself. Water is essential for every form of life. It is needed to keep us hydrated, and it assists in the flushing of toxins from the body. The number of benefits that come from water is simply endless. You couldn’t live without it.

The majority of people don’t drink near enough water to fulfill their body’s requirement. When our bodies are screaming for water to assist in essential bodily functions, we confuse the craving for hunger, regardless if we just ate a few of hours prior or 20 minutes ago. As a result, most people are dehydrated without even realizing it.

When the human body is dehydrated, it begins to store water as a method of “survival mode.” The problem with storing water is that fat cells are utilized as storage units. So rather than having enough water to metabolize this fat, the body stores the fat as a “just in case” method to hold more water, should potentially worse situations arise.

How Much Water Do You Need?

When the body doesn’t get the amount of water it needs so that all organs function as they should, it takes the water supply from less important organs, so major organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys receive proper amounts of water. Of course, 8 glasses of water per day is a safe bet, but what kind of water are you drinking? Is that instead of drinking healthy remineralized distilled water that the body craves, we reach for bottled water, sport drinks, flavored or carbonated waters, sodas, Starbucks, fake juices, shakes, malts, etc.

What’s just as bad, if not worse, is standard tap water. Tap water contains fluorocarbons, hydrocarbons, fluoride, chlorine, and numerous other carcinogenic compounds, of which are all at “safe levels” according to the EPA.

The body has to use vital energy to process these alternative drinks to get the water it needs from them, and the water they contain is not enough. When we are not able to receive the proper amount of water to meet the needs of our bodies, dehydration follows. This results in storing more water in fat cells. Now the vicious cycle begins. The body will not continue to be abused without consequences.

The easiest way to drop the extra pounds is by drinking a full gallon of water every day. Don’t slam a half of a gallon at a time, sip a little each time throughout the day. The body will metabolize fat that it has stored instead of storing even more, and you won’t be as hungry. This is precisely why some people drop so much in the first week during a crash diet. They are losing stored water.

Water and Your Colon Health

Of all of the essential organs within the body, the large intestine (or colon) suffers the most abuse from modern dietary habits. The colon is intended by nature to function as a smooth flowing sewer system, to promptly flush digestive wastes. Instead of what nature intended, they have become stagnant cesspools.

Scary to think about, but today the average European and American colon holds over 5 pounds of putrid, half digested red meat along with another 5-10 pounds of foul toxic waste from eating processed foods and bad fats, that will be impacted for years in the folds of the colon with mucus. That is 10-15 pounds of compacted fecal matter you should eliminate sooner rather than later.

Our digestive systems need healthy amounts of water to function correctly, and to keep waste waste through 20-40 feet of sewer line. The elimination of food that isn’t fully digested and other waste is just as vital as the proper assimilation and digestion of food.

Too many people turn to laxatives to attempt this difficult task, which have a list of dangers in every shape and form. I found the best way is with an all natural oxygen based colon cleanser. I discovered Oxy-Powder. It clears your colon of gas, bloating and constipation that is generally associated with an unhealthy diet, in a natural way. With 750+ raving reviews on something all natural, and a money back guarantee, I had to see for myself. It got me back on track and now I make certain that I drink plenty of water every day, while consuming a healthy diet and using Oxy-Powder regularly as a form of maintenance. The very best diets are no better than the worst when the vital function of the colon is clogged or disrupted.

Take Action

One of the first signs of dehydration is lack of energy and/or fatigue. 80% of Americans are officially dehydrated to some degree. Numerous diseases are a direct result of organs being starved of necessary water. This results in a constant battle to store more water in fat cells, with one organ stealing water from another.

Water is a necessity for every bodily function, and for the health of every single cell, from our heads to our toes. Take appropriate measures in your life today and feel the benefits tomorrow.

Tutorial on distilling and remineralizing your own water at home coming soon.


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