Watch Your Dietary PH And You Can Prevent The Risk Of Cancer


There are serious risks when the body becomes highly acidic. If the body retains too much acid, acidosis results and the lungs and kidneys cannot maintain a proper PH balance. Respiratory acidosis occurs when CO2 builds up in the blood stream. Metabolic acidosis is when the kidneys cannot eliminate the acid buildup or when too much alkaline is removed. Research has investigated the relationship between an  acidosis and cancer.

There are several types of metabolic acidosis: diabetic, hyperchloremic and lactic acidosis. The risk of metabolic acidosis is elevated by a low carb, high fat diet, dehydration, kidney failure, methanol poisoning and aspirin overdose.

Lower Your Acidity

Although it is true that genetic factors influence one’s predisposition to cancer, as much as 95 percent of the causation is attributed to environmental factors. Diet and obesity may contribute as much as 35 percent of the environmental factors that cause a cancer death and the acidity in the diet is the biggest culprit.

It was determined almost 100 years ago by the nobel prize winner,  Dr. Otto Warburg ,  that there is a connection between cancer and the PH level of the blood. The higher alkaline means a higher blood oxygen level. The fact that cancer cells are anaerobic and flourish in low oxygen, or oxygen deprived environments means that the less acidic environment is less attractive to the cancer cells. This is an excellent reason to maintain a healthy diet rich in alkaline foods and devoid of acidic toxins.

Find the Balance

All acidic foods are not necessarily bad. It is important to find a balance between good alkaline and good acidic foods. A healthy blood PH is 7.4 which is slightly alkaline but the body works to maintain this healthy normal level. Avoiding fatty meats, alcohol, soft drinks, candy and processed sugars is important but hardly the only consideration. If you have acid reflux, for example, avoiding foods such as orange juice is not addressing the root cause. Orange juice is a healthy source of vitamin C, not a food to eliminate.

Common causes of excess acidity include a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, ingesting too much animal protein and inappropriate combinations of foods. Imbalances can lead to yeast (aka candidiasis), viruses and yes even cancer. Often pharmaceutical drugs cause constipation, high blood sugar, and some antibiotics such as penicillin often cause yeast. Yeast is a serious and frequent problem.
Suggestions include increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables eaten and leafy greens in particular because they are alkaline. Drinking more water and adding daily exercise into the mix is a way for the body to more efficiently utilize oxygen. Aerobic exercise also enhances the body’s ability to circulate and flush the lymph system.

Alternative View

There’s no mistaking the healthful benefit in eating fresh fruits and vegetables and cutting out processed foods, processed sugars and fatty meats from the diet. The American Institute for Cancer Research has pointed out that there is no way for an individual to alter their blood PH level and certainly not by eating a more alkaline diet. In fact, any alteration in the acid-alkaline balance of the body is life threatening. Focusing on eating correctly is the right thing to do but for the wrong reasons.

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