Warning: Avoid Walmart’s Great Value Unmeltable Ice Cream Sandwich At All Cost


Earlier this summer a mom in Cincinnati made an astonishing discovery. Her son accidentally left his Walmart’s Great Value Ice Cream Sandwich outside while playing in 80° F (about 27°C).

After more than 12 hours she found the ice cream her son had left untouched and it wasn’t melted. The woman couldn’t believe what she was seeing and repeated the experiment. And to her astonishment the other ice cream didn’t melt either.

A video of the everlasting, unmeltable ice cream went viral on internet (click here to see the video). An embarrassed Walmart spokesman came up with the theory that the ice cream sandwich didn’t melt due to its high cream content.  But is a high cream content the real ingredient that makes this ice cream unmeltable?

The answer is NO, according to a professor Sean O’Keefe. It is actually the other way around. More cream or fat makes ice cream melt faster! Non-fat or non-cream ice cream takes longer to melt due to its higher water content.

What Makes It Unmeltable?

Walmart’s great value ice cream sandwich contains corn syrup, guar gum, carob bean gum, cellulose gum, carrageenan, artificial flavors, MSG, and much more additives and preservatives that aren’t even considered food. The high amounts of all sorts of gums in this type of ice cream is probably the reason why it doesn’t melt.

Gums are complex carbs that were originally derived from plants to be used as thickeners or gel-forming agents. These days however most gums are synthetically made in the lab.

Gums and other chemically altered substance are not found in high quality or homemade ice creams, but this one bursts with it. Real ice cream, or the one you make at home, actually contains very few ingredients. Milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, chocolate or fresh fruits are basically it.

Artificial food ingredients have been linked to a wide range of health issues, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, allergies, and cardiovascular issues.

And did you know that to be called an ice cream, the product must only contain 10% milk and the rest can be anything else. So as always make sure to read your labels, avoid processed food and try and make your own and safe ice creams at home so that you absolutely know what’s in them.

This Walmart ice cream issue is actually not the only story out there. Have you ever seen the picture passing by from the eternal Mc Donald hamburger that lasts forever without getting moldy (it is spoilage free since 1996)? They found that the meat patty is loaded with salt (sodium) which is a preservative and the hamburger bun doesn’t even come close to real, natural bread.

So I can’t stress enough how important it is to read food labels and opt for whole, fresh, organic foods as much as possible.

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