Wanna Be a Homeowner? 10 Things You Should Look Forward To


Having a house you can call your “own” is as fulfilling as starting a family after quite some time. On top of the heap of paperwork, owning a house comes with responsibility you will never thought of possible. Moreover, there are these thing you should look forward in case you have finally come up with an idea of settling down, purchasing the property, and be extremely comfortable, for a start.

The chores are yours.

Unless you saved some extras for house helps, starting a home life means washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and cooking the meals plus more. You can’t always have someone to come over and do the honors of clearing up your mess. Yes, the chores are all yours.

Look into the friendly neighborhood.

Smile a lot and do your share. Unless you want to be tagged someone unfriendly, you got to help the elderly when they have queries, regardless if you’re much has been consumed even during the first encounter. There is this like mandatory politeness from every neighbor.

Decide over shoes-in or shoes-out while within your abode.

If you have been with friend prior to moving in, you will likely have some visitors from time to time. Normally, it appears easy to be comfortable visiting someone else house but come the time that it’s your own, you will have goose bumps seeing messy visitors dirtying your floors.

Keep clear of the nasty Molds.

When you thought you are cleaning your house on a daily basis, you should get off track of that mindset. Molds would always get their way out and they are there to irritate you, eventually. With that being said, you better be prepared physically to clean them, and emotionally, to deal with trash.

Fact is you’re out of cash most of the time.

You will wonder how in the world you have had cash in your pockets back when you were renting and you never have any almost every time you need it for something. That is because you always have something that requires fixing or spending.

Repair your tiny breaks and fix your this and that.

Landlords and landladies have got this speed dial repairman to come over and do the fix-ups back when the house you’re living in has not been named after you yet. Once you do, it’s time for you to be “jack of all trades” on our own.

There is always this something your house should have each time, every time.

Ever since you move in, you can tell that there are almost everything you need in it, yet once you move around day in and day out, you will realize that there are stuffs you forgot to deal with after all. That is when you also realize that you will never fill it out.

Wandering about is no longer your trade.

There are times back when you were renting that you care less about timekeeping – you even want to stay out, as long as you want. Once you have a house of your own, you have this feeling of staying indoors majority of you days.

Your budget often goes out of the bucket.

Before your payday, you already made note of your expenses in the future. However, when the final day comes and you get hold of the cold cash, you will be surprised to know that the budget is too difficult to hold onto.

Contract of ownership takes time to arrive and it’s quite annoying.

Yes, you have successfully managed to get inside a “house of your own” yet you do not have the agreement or ownership just yet. It takes time so you must be patient. It will arrive sooner or later. The point is you became a homeowner.

Author Bio: Joel Cordle is person who loves reading and writing on different niche like home improvement, health, fitness & beauty. He is also a part-time consultant offering consultancy to help house owners choose professional home improvement providers like Seale Plumbing that can save lots of time, money and frustration.