Volkswagen’s New Car Gets 300 MPGs


Remember GM’s EV1 electric car that all the Celebs loved. Those “leased only” Electric Vehicles apparently worked so well, GM pulled every last one off the road and had them crushed back in 1999. The official reply was that they were not selling. Then again, why will a gasoline engine Car Dealer want to sell an electric car for less profits. This XL1 from Volkswagen looks just like GM’s EV1. I wonder if GM will file a legal case for stealing their look.

Nevertheless, the XL1 is only for European distribution. Some reports claim the car isn’t even allowed to tour in the United States. I wonder why and I then compare issues to what TESLA is going through. The Tesla’s all electric car doesn’t sell through dealerships. They are sold directly, yet don’t expect a savings on the purchase price. The one and only problem with Tesla’s vehicles, is the price. However, some States are playing bad politics with old laws to block Tesla from selling directly and forcing Dealerships into the mix. Alas, in comes that conflict of interest again: Why will a gasoline engine Car Dealer want to sell an electric car for less profits? Here is another conflict: Government wants to solve the evils of capitalization, yet they are in bed with car, oil, gasoline and other corporations blocking direct sales, VW from showing the XL1 in the States, and leading us to believe that a car with a carburetor can never get 100 mpg. The XL1 gets almost 300 miles per gallon.

VW plans to build about 250 of  these two seat 283mpg hyper-hybrid cars that are 1800 pounds of carbon fiber, aluminum, and plastic. You will find a two-cylinder turbo-diesel engine sharing the trunk with an electric motor. They will be sold or leased, but either way the sticker price is reported to be around $120,000. Most Tesla models are less than six figures and do not use any gas.

The 27-hp electric motor, currently used in the Jetta hybrid, works in ­tandem with a 47-hp two-cylinder diesel engine. The XL1 will operate for 31 miles solely on electric power, while the American made Tesla will travel up to 265 miles and sit five. If you are able to install solar photovoltaic panels to recharge your car, then you are driving money and pollution free! So mile for mile, the Tesla is a better deal for all concerned.

Bill Lauto, GTG
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Bill Lauto
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