I would like to share my recent experience about the Hitlerian Style censorship tactics employed against me by The Sydney Daily Telegraph.

I was reading an article titled ‘ Australian Vaccination Network, used fear ‘ to mislead ‘ parents in anti-vaccination campaign, Health Care Complaints Commission finds ‘ 

After posting my first comment,  it was taken down after the ‘ five minute pending ‘ process. So, I tried again, but the Hitlerian Style censorship tactics were again employed. ( even quicker this time ). Finally on my third attempt i wrote a ‘ tongue in cheek ‘ comment which simply said : ‘ fine then, i give up, Vaccinations are wonderful ‘. Of course this comment was allowed to stay up.

I’m sure we’ve all posted comments only to see them taken down, there’s nothing new there. But at some point we have to get aggressive with these Vaccine Pushing Thugs,  and by being aggressive I don’t mean physically aggressive. I mean that we should start fighting back with a kind of ‘ Velvet Revolution ‘. Ideas and Philosophies that promote Liberty and Freedom ,  ideas that will help us transition into power in a ‘ non – violent ‘ way.

Some of the comments in the article read : “ you can form your own opinion, but you can’t form your own facts. The facts are very clear, Vaccination is by far the safer and most effective option for almost everybody ” and ” what a scam these anti- vaccinations groups have been running. Close them down permanently and set the ATO ( Australian Taxation Office ) on to them “

The first comment I tried to post read like this :

” It almost makes me feel embarrassed to be an Australian after reading these ‘ Sheeple like ‘ comments. Those of you who are continuing to Vaccinate your children are suffering from Mental Illness. I’m not sure whether its Mass Stockholm Syndrome, Normalcy Bias or Learned Helplessness. Haven’t you read about : ‘ the CDC openly admitting that Vaccines still contain high levels of Mercury ” or that ” for decades, the Polio Vaccine contained hidden Cancer Viruses ” or that ‘ in the United states there is a  ‘ Secret Vaccine Court ‘ that even the U.S Supreme Court declared was “ a higher power than the Supreme Court itself “. Finally I wrote,

If you’ve been Vaccinated, then why would you worry about me giving you the flu ?

Don’t these Vaccine Pushing Cult Members ( there is no other way to describe them ) know, that one day when people finally wake up, they will be brought to justice and prosecuted in Nuremberg Style courts. Who are these people ? What about the responsibility of the parents who willingly Vaccinate their children? These children tragically die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or are diagnosed with Autism, then the parents of these children attend the Fun Runs and Charity Dinner Events, raising money for the very Organizations who are harming their children. These parents legitimately believe they are doing the right thing, they have goodwill in their hearts I believe, but pleading ignorance just doesn’t cut it anymore. There are literally dozens of Studies by Major Universities and Peer Reviewed Journals showing the link between Vaccines and Autism. Thank god for people like Dr Andrew Wakefield!!

Hitler said  “ If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed

Ive come to think how sad i am for these people who think that lying, cheating and deceiving the general public is the way to get ahead in life. You might get away with it for a short while, but you lose who you are, you have no culture, no society.  There’s no honor among thieves. We’ve been taught to just keep quiet and take it. I’m personally sick of the Establishment pushing a Thug Culture, promoting death, pushing Vaccines, while they preach to us from their fake moral high ground. As a society, where has our ‘ moral compass ‘ gone? Have you noticed how The Vaccine Mafia never address any of the points we bring up and quickly dismiss us as ‘ conspiracy theorists ‘. Its because their arguments are ‘ Intellectually and Scientifically bankrupt ‘ I want live in a society where debate and open discussion are welcomed  and embraced, not oppressed by Puppet governments and the Presstitute Media.

I used to see a light at the end of the tunnel, the light of the truth, the truth of the light, but the only light i see coming now is a 300,000 ton Freight train heading straight for humanity to destroy us all with Nuclear Fallout, Disease and Famine.  Well I’ve had about enough of it. I’m not here to be run over with my family. Remember, we are talking about people who are pre-meditatively evil, who like to hurt innocent children, who want to promote Tyranny and who enjoy shooting our kids up with deadly Vaccines.

There is an old Mexican Saying : ” They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds

We as humans were made to face evil.     Lets be like seeds.    Lets rise together against these Vaccine Pushing thugs.

That’s why were here.

That is the test.


I have been based in Japan since 2004 where i worked for 3 years as Head Tennis Coach for Japan Institute of Sports Science in Gifu.
From 2007-2013 i held a teaching position at the University of Asahi. The main part of my job however has been travelling to tournaments for the last 10 years as a coach, where i am on the road about 32 weeks of the year.
I am also currently a member of the Dunlop International Advisory staff and at the moment I am working privately with a womens player Shiho Akita from Japan.