Vaccine Injury Is REAL And I Have Two Young Adults To Prove It


This is a story about vaccine injury and parenting. It is also the story of a mother and sister finding the strength to stand up for her family. You see,  I am the caretaker of two vaccine injured young adults. One of them is my little brother who was developing normally until a massive round of shots at 9 months old. Like so many other vaccine injured children, he lost eye contact and speech pretty immediately. He then lost muscle control and developed severe scoliosis. He was diagnosed with PDD at two years old and placed firmly on the autistic spectrum. There was no mention of his distended stomach, failure to maintain muscle mass and a healthy weight, or complete lack of fine motor control. MRI’s failed to show anything.

No one could address the fact that at the same time he was injected and lost neurological function, he also stopped being able to digest and process food. As he got older, his stools would reveal completely undigested meals, food that looked as though it had not just gone through an entire digestive tract. ( After attending a screening of Vaxxed and meeting Dr Andrew Wakefield, I understand why this is. Gut function is impaired in autism and in vaccine injured children. If you have not seen Vaxxed get to the website and watch it now! Trust me, it is a must see )

Because no one that I had meaningful contact with would confirm that my brothers neurological or digestive problems were caused by vaccine injury, I lived my life thinking it was all a medical mystery. He developed PDD and scoliosis for some unknown reason. For another totally unrelated reason, he developed digestive issues.

My mom was a single working mom, and I was a young teenager, so I did quite a lot of looking after my new baby brother. And I loved him so deeply – still do. When our mother passed away early, I had no question that he would be with me for as long as I could humanly care for him. He is 25 now, and while we have explored a lot of holistic measures that have helped him make great progress, he is still, and will always be, disabled.

My own daughter was born in a birth center with midwives, and no vaccines were allowed near her for many months. She was a healthy and bright little being and perfect in every way. My husband and I were young parents, (20 years old ) and not yet savvy about the world of vaccine injury. We were holistically minded and felt intuitive that it was better to delay shots as long as possible, but didn’t know enough to find a family doctor who agreed with us. After many months of beating us down with guilt trips, false statistics, and professional arrogance – our doctor convinced us to give her her first shots. If I could go back in time and shake the living daylights out of my younger self, I would. I would tell her to run as fast as she could and save that baby. Within a few days, my daughter went from never a sickness to having a reactive respiratory disease that required her to be in the hospital. Add to that constant lung and ear infections, and eventually a diagnosis of Asperger’s at 5 years old.

I remember the day that I decided the constant parade of shots and antibiotics and inhalers and medicines that only made her worse, was over. She was 2 1/2. We lived in Eugene OR, and I was pushing her home in a stroller from a doctor’s visit where they wanted to get her on long term breathing treatments. This was insanity. No one could say why she was sick, or why these treatments just kept making her sicker. As a mother, I finally allowed my intuitive sense that she was poisoned rise to the surface.

From that moment she has never been on another allopathic medicine in her life. She is 16 now and thriving. She has overcome what was a pretty serious Asperger’s diagnosis, and her breathing is great. She is still not neurotypical, and she may never be, but she is healthy and brilliant and safe from dangerous medical interventions.
Homeopathy, herbs, supplements, and good old-fashioned healthy food – that is our medicine now.

I am not against emergency medicine, surgery, or allopathy when these interventions are life-saving. I am not here to judge people who choose or need those things. I am here to say that they are dangerous when overused – and they are VASTLY overused. Allopathy should be a last resort, but instead of being a last ditch effort to save a life it is a multi-billion dollar business with products peddled to healthy children and adults. This terrifies me since I have seen first hand how vaccines and antibiotics can damage a healthy child.

Parents and survivors of vaccine injury  – I see you. I hear you. You are not alone. And I am looking forward to sharing information and inspiration, so no one else has to go through what we have.

Hi All! I am a health freedom activist, holistic healer, health educator, and most importantly a mom. I currently travel extensively with my family, exploring the world and seeing new things!