Vaccine Facts for Moms

image’s health ranger, Mike Adams, just posted an article exposing the Merck vaccine developer who admitted vaccines routinely contain hidden cancer viruses derived from diseased monkeys. (
Why aren’t more people aware of the potential dangers of vaccines? Mothers (typically) go into the pediatrician and he/she tells the mother what the vaccine schedule is. The mother is told by a person in authority that vaccinations are the right thing to do and then informs the mother that her child cannot enter school unless he/she is vaccinated.

Most often, if a mother asks questions about vaccines, she is told that she will be putting her child in danger if she doesn’t vaccinate. No parent would want to knowingly put their child in danger. Parents inherently want to protect their child from all types of danger.

So, most parents vaccinate based upon what they are told and how they are made to feel. What happens when the child has a reaction after the first round of vaccinations? A mother can tell the doctor, but is usually told that it was not a reaction rather was something there inside the child prior to vaccination. Or, she is told not to worry that the reaction is normal, vaccines are safe and this is only a perceived difference in the child.
Moms have to take a stand and know that their child’s life is at stake when they make a decision about vaccinations. We all must remember that public health has been on this earth for 150 years and maternal instinct has been here from the beginning of time. Every one of us must trust the maternal instinct. We are on this earth because of it so never dismiss it.

Go to the CDCs web site for each individual web site and read about it. It will be the long term decision you have to make. Just remember you, as a parent and citizen of the United States, cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for faulty design. Vaccines are known to be faulty by nature. In fact, their legal classification is “unavoidably unsafe.”

Because of this, there was a special court created (the Vaccine Court) that only hears cases from parents regarding damage caused by vaccines. This court is run by the government and when settlements are made, they are pulled from funds that are contributed by the sale of every vaccine. Yes, every vaccine sale has a percentage that must be contributed to a fund to award damages.

You won’t find the answers in this blog, but click to watch our video clip on vaccinations, Vaccines is just one subject that I am taking on as a filmmaker with my latest project Bought, a movie created to expose the facts and truth behind vaccines, big pharma and GMOs. Check it out and support the education and empowerment effort so parents can feel confident about their family decisions. (

Jeff Hays