Uterine Fibroids and vaginal infections


Uterine Fibroids and vaginal infections

Many women have encountered some sort of vaginal yeast infection or even battled with a case of uterine fibroids.  For the yeast infection; a fungus called candida which is also a natural resident in the intestines and vagina, an area that shouldn’t be imbalanced, but if so, can lead to discharge, itching, swelling, to your general discomfort.  Most cases of yeast infections have increased due to antibiotics which destroy beneficial natural flora found in the vagina and allow more harmful bacteria or yeast to multiply.  Trichomoniasis is another common vaginal infection as is chlamydia which can be passed to a baby during childbirth and cause blindness.  Unlike, Trichomoniasis which produces a thick, yellowish discharge, and swollen genitals with inflammation added, chlamydia can lay dormant giving off no symptoms which is why if untreated one can become sterile.  Now to the issue of fibroids; family genetics play a roll as well as alcohol consumption, Vitamin B deficiency, overweight and stress.  Fore the most, fibroids come in existence due to a potentially carcinogenic form of estrogen.  Herbs that slows fibroids growth, dissolves , and hormonalizes imbalances; Ginger, Mullein, Prickly Ash Bark, Cleavers, and Colloidal Silver.  For the yeast infection; an herbal douche is one of the best methods to treat most vaginal infections.  The preparation is key; when douching make sure the spray isn’t too forceful, and only douche on occasional basis, never on a daily. The combination for an herbal douche; Slippery Elm, Tea Tree, Garlic, Lavender, Berberine (found in golden seal), and Oregon Grape Root.  Stinging Nettles, Wild Yams, and red raspberry are also good for repairing and strengthening the uterus. Never ignore a potential vaginal infection; when in doubt, please see your gynecologist.  Herbal remedies can only work with the proper diagnosis!  Remember, the woman’s reproductive system bare special immune cells designed to fight off infection, a hormonal imbalance can be rectified.


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