There Used to be a Time Where we Could Treat People Poorly and Still Get What we Wanted


History tells us that we could realistically treat a person badly, but still get what we wanted from them. Mainly the reason for this is because that other person felt that they lacked options… so they felt forced to deal with the situation.

It’s just not the case anymore. People have options. More importantly, they know that they have options.

Treat your spouse poorly? Check out the countless web sites with countless people, with countless dating styles, that are waiting to treat someone well (at least at first).

At any rate, there will be a time where you can no longer get what you want by treating another individual with anything other than the utmost respect that they deserve.

Telling a different story

There are countless teachers, and more approaching all the time, speaking to us in different ways. The main message from many is that to change our lives, we need to tell a different story.

You see, talking about (and thinking about) a subject brings more of *that* into your life. And guess what, you can choose what you think and believe.

In the simple example above, it is clear that people are realizing, knowing, and believing that there are other options available. They aren’t stuck in negative emotion or negative situations. They do not have to be treated poorly by other people, they can choose how they are treated.

I just got off the phone with my ex. It was important that I showed respect or else he could choose not to be so open with what is going on with our kids while in his care.

Today is National Treat People Right Day. For if you don’t, that person may choose to exercise other options, like demonstrated in the dating example above. Show respect and you will get it 🙂

Michelle Bosmier
Raw Michelle is a natural health blogger and researcher, sharing her passions with others, using the Internet as her medium. She discusses topics in a straightforward way in hopes to help people from all walks of life achieve optimal health and well-being. She has authored and published hundreds of articles on topics such as the raw food diet and green living in general.

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