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Yunnan BaiYao literally translated “Yunnan White Medicine” should be in every household medicine cabinet. It is great to include with your camping bag or your Bug Out Bag.

Yunnan BaiYao has gained recognition thanks to many of the Natural News writers. However the proper application has not been noted.

Besides stopping bleeding on an open cut, Yunnan BaiYao is also an analgesic for pain caused by trauma or what TCM calls blood stagnation. The analgesic effect is more effective when taken internally. Because of this the Yunnan BaiYao is far more superior than any “Veterinary Blood Stop Powder” which it has been compared to at one point. Generic Veterinary Blood Stop Powder has ammonia and aluminum which can be toxic to the body and it does not reduce pain. Therefore these Generic Veterinary Blood Stop Powder can not be ingested internally and it has no medicinal purpose when ingested.

Yunnan BaiYao can easily be comparable to QuickClot with more benefits.

Yunnan BaiYao contains all natural ingredients from plants that is completely safe for the body. The formula is still very secretly guarded by the Chinese government, which is more of the process of making it then the actual ingredients in it. The ingredients are listed in the packaging. Two of the most important ingredients are San Qi (panax notoginseng) and Shan Yao (Chinese Yam.) Panax notoginseng is one of the strongest analgesic herbs in TCM for blood stagnation. Panax notoginseng is one of the most underrated herbs in the Western world. Panax notoginseng has been used to treat certain cancers.

History of Yunnan BaiYao falls back to a famous TCM doctor Qu Huanzhang who created the formula in 1902. He also provided the formula to the south Vietnamese soldiers and the Chinese army. The soldiers carry it in the their emergency first aid kit. The formula has been in use for over 100 years. These days Yunnan BaiYao is in every Chinese soldier emergency kit.

Yunnan BaiYao comes in various forms. Besides in the original form as a powder form in a vial, it can be found as a capsule or a plaster too. I only recommend the powder form. The plaster has unnatural chemicals in it.

The powdered formula has multiple purposes. First it is a coagulant when applied topically, meaning it seals a cut. Second it is an analgesic stronger than aspirin for traumatic injuries or what TCM calls blood stagnation. The best way to use it as an analgesic is to taken internally.

Yunnan BaiYao heals by initiating white blood cell activities and promote blood circulation. It also resolve pus and counteract toxin.

Using the Yunnan BaiYao (powder)

Topical Application for Cuts:
1. Remove the glass vial from the box and unscrew the cap.
2. Save the RED BALL with the cotton and save it!!! This is very important!!  (The Red Ball is not a desiccant!)
3. Spread the powder evenly over the open wound and watch it stop bleeding instantly. (Use sparingly.)

When applied topically you will feel a gripping effect like the wound is mending together.

Internal Ingestion as an Analgesic or to Stop Hemorrhaging:
1. Mix with water and drink the solution.
2. The powder can be absorbed orally too such as under the tongue but it is quite bitter.
3. For stronger effect, mix with wine.

For Severe Trauma with Blood Loss
Use the Red Ball saved by taking it internally with water.

The Red Ball is only included in the powdered form. It is actually a pill to prevent a person from going into shock. This is a very concentrated form of Yunnan Baiyao, called Baoxianzi or “Insurance Pill for a Serious or Emergency Case.”

Yunnan BaiYao, like all TCM formulas to invigorate blood, heals the body internally. It is great for internal and external bruising (trauma.) The pain will gradually fade and the bruising will go away faster with the Yunnan BaiYao.

Relatively Affordable
Unfortunately the Yunnan BaiYao is not cheap anymore since Obama came into office. It was $2.50 per 4 gram vial before the rise of gas prices. It is around $5 per vial now.

Becareful of “copy cats” that are not the original formula.

This formula is commonly found in Chinese grocery stores, which can be as cheap as $4 per 4 gram vial. No need to order online because you will not find it cheaper than in a Chinese grocery store. Save money and buy a full box. For a full box of 6 vials, you can easily get it for around $25 at these Chinese grocery stores. There is no tax to it because it is labelled as a food product.

Do NOT internally take while pregnant. This herbal formula may cause abortion when taken internally. It is relatively safe for topical application.

Other uses:
Stop hemorrhaging (bruising)
Relieve chest pain due to blood stagnation or a heart attack.
Muscle Strain
Veterinary use: safe for dogs and horses


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