Use Natural Painkillers Instead of Synthetic


Use natural painkillers instead of synthetic or narcotics to be pain free. There are many things in life which are taken for granted. Living pain free is one of them. Millions of Americans suffer from pain on a daily basis, sometimes every minute of their lives. The origin of the pain varies but can result from physical trauma or physical ailment.

Synthetic Painkillers, otherwise known as narcotics or opioids, lead to complicated side effects with consistent use.

Short Term Effects Of Synthetic Painkiller

Painkillers relieve pain short term – and not forever. The painkiller must be taken at least every 4-6 hours in order relieve the user of pain. Taking these medications consistently can lead to feeling euphoric, drowsy, nauseous, and constipated. More often than not, a completely different medication is given to combat side effects.

While under the influence of painkillers, operating heavy machinery such as driving a car is highly discouraged. The medication cause delayed responses and accidents.

Long Term Effects Of Synthetic Painkiller

Taking synthetic oral painkillers rips apart your gastrointestinal system and the liver. The damage can reach a point where a liver transplant may be needed.

Unfortunately oral synthetic painkillers are often replaced with intravenous painkillers; the effects are quicker and contain a larger dose. Intravenous painkillers increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, endocarditis, and heart attack.

Dependence on synthetic painkillers is the scariest long term effect. Eventually the body begins to build a tolerance to all oral painkillers and begins to go through withdrawals. The withdrawals occur since the body does not have all the pain medication it needs. Someone experiencing withdrawals may have flu like symptoms, migraines, mood changes and increasing pain.

Natural PainKillers Are The Long-Term Solution

Natural painkillers exist and come in different forms. It may be trial and error in the beginning but once you find a natural painkiller which works for you, there is no going back. Natural painkillers come as herbal tablets, creams and exercise.

Natural pain relievers such as traumeel, tiger balm, and calendula cream can be bought at any supplement store.

Acupuncture, yoga and meditation are forms of physical exercise which relieve the body and mind of pain.

Using natural painkillers will save you from short and long term side effects, exposure to chemicals, risk of organ failure and alternations to your mental status.


Audrey Lefebvre