How to Use Honey, Cinnamon & Coconut Oil to Improve Your Memory


Memory is an intriguing area of human consciousness.  If you hear something only once,  you will only recall it for a matter of a minute or two.  If you make an effort to remember it, it will live in your short-term memory for about the time frame you’ve described. Poor memory can occur for many different reasons. Many people experience memory lapses. Some memory problems are serious and others are not.

Common Symptomps Causes of Weak Memory

-Lack of concentration
-Hormonal changes during pregnancy
-Drug abuse
-Dietary deficiencies
-Brain tumors
-Certain medications
-Regularly forgetting important dates and tasks
-A general inability to remember or memorize information

Impact of Coconut Oil on Memory

Coconut oil support the brain cells and improve memory. Coconut oil reduces cholesterol and boost energy. It is thus of great use while treating memory improvement. Make sure to take coconut oil on daily basis in diet or cooked food items. Continuous use of coconut oil is going to help in improving the memory.

Based on your physical needs and fitness you can adjust the intake of coconut oil. It is perfectly okay to take in 3 or 4 tablespoon of coconut oil on your daily diet, either through coffee or any other cooking dishes. You can use either virgin or refined oil, as it depends on the individual taste and needs. It is also found that, use of coconut oil could help in the strengthening of bones.

Impacts Of Honey For Improving Memory

Honey and cinnamon together prove to be best for improving memory. Taking cinnamon simply will help in increasing memory and honey provides stress free life. Both together can be used for best kinds of results. Take some powder cinnamon and honey to it. Mix it well and consume it on daily basis for best kinds of results.

-Mix a pinch of cinnamon in about one teaspoon of raw honey.
-Consume this mixture daily at night for at least a few months.

How Cinnamon Affects the Brain

Cinnamon compounds can prevent swelling of the brain cells and may reduce complications associated with traumatic brain injury and stroke that cause restricted blood supply to the brain. Smelling cinnamon can help improve memory and cognition in humans. Cinnamon extracts inhibit the aggregation of tau proteins, a condition commonly seen in Alzheimer’s patients. Tau proteins are found in the membranes of nerve cells and play an important role in stabilizing them.

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