Unpalatable Green Bananas – Follow This Suggestion to Make Them Delicious


I don’t know if you ever wonder whether those who suggest you consuming green bananas have ever tried to eat them themselves!

Green bananas refer to unripe and starch-heavy bananas.

Many experts and bloggers alike have written a lot about green banana health benefits. They tell you something like this, ‘green bananas are bitter and have a waxy texture and harder to peel but come on you all, eat them as they offer lots of health benefits.’

If you have ever tried to eat green bananas I am sure you find them to be unpalatable.  Probably that was the first and the last time you ever want to eat them.

Don’t worry, as I am going to share with you how to cook them in a certain way so that you can take them in delectable forms.

Please read on….


In India and South East Asia, no one eats green bananas (unless you are lost in a forest and green bananas are the only foods available in your path).

Typically, green or unripe bananas are eaten as vegetables.

After harvesting and washing, green bananas along with their peels are cut crosswise, each medium size banana cut into four portions. Boil them for 20 – 30 minutes to remove the latex (that makes up waxy texture) and their bitter taste.

Afterward, they are cooked again either by stir frying where the paste comprises onions and garlic, chilies, dried shrimp or tiny dried anchovy (different from canned anchovy sold in North America), and a little salt is added. In some culture such as in Malaysia and Indonesia, thick coconut milk is added at the end of the cooking process.

Some culinary herbs such as turmeric shoots, sliced Etlingera elatior flowers or Holy Basil leaves are also added to provide better taste and aroma.

Add Coconut Milk

Besides stir-frying, masak lemak is a Malaysian and Indonesian specialty. This dish is prepared by boiling 2 cups of water with shallot or onion paste (finely crushed with mortar and pestle), ½ teaspoon of fresh turmeric paste (or turmeric powder) and ½ teaspoons of coarse sea salt (or Himalayan salt) in a clay pot for 10 minutes.

Add 1½ cups of boiled green bananas (equivalent to roughly 2 medium bananas cut crosswise) and boil the mixture for 5-10 minutes. Then, add ½ cup of coconut milk and 5 Thai basil leaves and simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Make Them Delectable

The bitter taste and waxy texture (due to latex content) of green bananas are objectionable by almost everybody, including you. Perhaps, next time you want to eat green bananas, it would be better if you boil them (after cutting crosswise) with a little salt added. You can sprinkle condiments such as cinnamon or turmeric powder, or dill as well.

After dishing up the boiled green bananas, you can add cheese or pure butter and pomegranate sauce. You can also eat boiled green bananas as fruit salads by combining them with apples, pears, and berries.

They are also wonderful candidates for your green smoothies! You can always combine boiled green bananas with any types of foods to your likings as long they are nutritious and the overall taste of the combination is palatable.

There are always solutions to almost anything in your life, provided you are ready for changes and open to new suggestions.

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I will write about nutrient contents and health benefits of green bananas in my next article.

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