United States Government Sterilizing its Population and Promoting Birth Defects


The US Government is Sterilizing its Population with Tap Water

Nearly all of the United States municipal water supplies contain fluoride, with levels averaging around 1 ppm. The body can naturally process and eliminate about half of the fluoride we ingest each day, leaving the other half to accumulate and wreak havoc.

Fluoride is especially harmful for couples trying to conceive, as it affects fertility in both men and women as well as increasing the risk of birth defects in newborns.

The Gross Fact About Fluoride

Studies done on fluoride use the pharmaceutical grade Sodium Fluoride, this is not the form of fluoride used to fortify drinking water though.

Sodium Silicofluoride and Hydrofluorosilicic Acid are the two compounds used to fluoridate drinking water. These are hazardous waste materials from the fertilizer industry. Not something you want in your body.

Fluoride, Not Just In Our Water

Fluoridated water is used on crops, produce and in the manufacturing process of many consumable products. This leaves a fluoridated residue on the produce which can reach levels far higher than in tap water; up to 10 times higher.

Fluoride based pesticides are also commonly used to control pests on commercial crops. One USDA approved fluoride based pesticide is cryolite, popularly used on grape crops in California. This results in high levels of fluoride found in California based wine’s.

What is worse, is this pesticide is labeled as “organic”, meaning your “organic” California wine is likely to contain dangerously high levels of fluoride.

Fluoride and Fertility

Known to severely inhibit male fertility, fluoride can damage sperm cells and cause reproductive issues.

  • Decrease in Testosterone Levels
  • Reduced Quantity of Sperm
  • Reduced Sperm Motility
  • Reduced Capacity to Reproduce
  • Altered Sperm Morphology
  • Increased Oxidative Stress

One study done on male rats showcases the dangers of fluoride on male fertility quite clearly. The rats were exposed to 2 ppm, 4 ppm and 6 ppm of sodium fluoride in their drinking water. Researchers promptly noticed a decrease in prostate gland and testicle size.

Sperm counts were significantly lower and the number of dysfunctional sperm cells was far higher.

Dangers of Fluoride During Pregnancy

Reduced IQ

Numerous Chinese studies show a clear correlation between fluoride exposure and lower I.Q. levels in school age children.

Birth Rate and Defects

Low birth rates are often seen in communities with fluoridated water supplies. Fluoride has even been removed from certain animal feeds because of the high rate of birth defects in their offspring.

If it is being removed from animal feed to reduce the occurrence of birth defects, why is it still being added to our water supply, produce and dental products?

Author: Jeffrey Sutton contributes to numerous online health sites and publications. Having spent years specializing in natural health supplements with an emphasis on Glutathione, Jeffrey recently formulated the Glutathione enhancing supplement GSH Gold.


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