The Unexpected Mental And Physical Benefits Of Being Lazy


Your mother probably often told you that being lazy is a awful, right? Not doing enough, not being physically active enough, not having any initiative, and so on and so forth, is the worst thing ever.

Off course, there are more people saying that you’ve got to get moving and get things done faster. However, living life in the slow lane is not a bad thing to do at all.

For instance, most adults are not able to take a nap during the day. However, daily nap is proven to be excellent for your well-being and your overall health. While many think that taking things in a slow motion is a flaw and someone who is lazy is a failure, in reality, it is a great way to boost motivation, creativity and invention. Well, spending your whole life as a couch potato isn’t what we are suggesting. But, resting a little bit when you feel tired just to chill out for a few minutes is good for you. When you are well rested, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to be more productive.

Here are the reasons why laziness is good for you:

It is natural:

Our bodies are always in search for conserving energy. That’s why being “lazy” is absolutely a natural thing. Here are the physical and mental benefits of being lazy:

  1. Laziness Lowers Blood Pressure

Being too stressed out and high-strung has negative effects on your heart rate levels and blood pressure. Anxiety prevails and our body suffers. Therefore, take some time for yourself to be lazy. You can do a general stretch out and breathe deeply. Calm your mind and rest a little. Your blood pressure will decrease and you’ll feel fresh, energized and peaceful.

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  1. Laziness Improves Work out

Spending your whole day working out does not make you more fit and with a better physique. And being lazy, certainly does not make you want to exercise a lot. According to science, short but high intensity workouts followed by periods of rest are much better for weight loss. So, if you want to be fit, spending some time to be lazy after you had a short high intensity workout is not a bad idea at all.

  1. Laziness Increases Creativity

When you lie down on your bed, not thinking about anything, which is actually called meditation, is when people come up with their smartest and most significant ideas. Meditation is the best way to let go of your problems and try to indulge a little more in enjoying your own time.

  1. Laziness Improves Efficiency

Laziness is the main reason why all those inventions that made life much easier. Those who are lazy, force themselves to get things done as fast as possible. So, being lazy not a bad thing at all. You’ll get things done, you’ll beat procrastination only to have more time to rest and be lazy again.

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  1. Laziness Strengthens Problem-Solving Skills

There is not a single person in this Universe without problems. You must have a problem that’s been nagging you for weeks. Well, laziness can actually solve it. When you give yourself some time for yourself, lying on your bed, you may be able to come up with the solution faster than beating yourself out with work and things you must get done. Enjoying yourself will make you feel much better about yourself and feeling better is the way to find proper solutions for your problems.

If you live with your problems and put effort to find the best way to solve your issues, then the right way doesn’t seem to come. Well, this won’t always be the case, but taking some time for yourself can clear your head and help you decide whether it needs your intervention. Some things need to be let go to find their own way towards the solution.

  1. Laziness Allows Reflection

Give your mind some time to wander and you’ll be amazed how you will increase your self-awareness. Some new ideas will start to appear and you’ll see the world in a new and different way.

  1. You’ll Appreciate the Present Moment

Meditation and laziness make us feel the present moment and appreciate it more. Appreciating the present moment has nothing to do with the amount of money you have, your title, your reputation nor your education. Being lazy makes you more grateful for the things you possess, even smallest things like the smell of your morning coffee or the warmth of your bed. This is a way to charge your batteries for the next step and increase your creativity.


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