The Ultimate Fat-Burning Energy Drink


Looking for a healthy alternative for an energy drink that will get you ready for a workout? Mainstream so-called “energy drinks” are nothing less than a heaping pile of sugar mixed with some poisons that result in early onset diabetes. Large portions of sugar should never be consumed with caffeine, unless you are purposely tying to induce a heart attack. Why would you use something that works against your body, when you can consume a drink such as this one that completely nourishes and works in parallel with your body?

This energy drink requires the fours S’s:

– Sweet (Honey)

– Sour (Lemon)

-Spicy (Cayenne Pepper)

– Salty (Unrefined Natural Sea Salt)

This is a spin off of the Master Cleanse drink which consists of cayenne pepper, lemon, and maple syrup. The reason I chose these ingredients is because they provide everything you need in a workout/energy drink: Water, minerals (electrolytes), quick acting energy, cleanser, and metabolism booster. So lets break down this high performance yet simple drink.


Made from bees. A much healthier alternative to sugar for quick acting energy. Honey consists of two main components, fructose and glucose. Glucose is broken down very quickly and easily in the body and used to make ATP (energy). Fructose, on the other hand, supplies the body with a slower release of energy because fructose must be converted into glucose before it can be used for energy production. This one-two punch will supply you with energy before, during, and after your workout.


Grows on a tree. A rich source of vitamin C and flavonoids to boost the immune system and neutralize free-radicals. Lemons are acidic by nature, but once digested, lemons help to alkalize and rebalance the body’s pH. Also, lemons are a friend to your liver by supplying it with the nutrients needed to work properly, and by helping to remove unwanted toxins. A clean and healthy liver means fully functional, high performing red blood cells.

Cayenne Pepper:

Grows on a plant. The benefits of cayenne are so bountiful that I would need a whole new blog sheet to express all of its greatness. Every single cell in the body experiences the health promoting nourishment of cayenne pepper, and thrives when it’s presence is felt. So why is cayenne an important ingredient? It’s what’s found inside of the cayenne pepper that makes it so special. An active component called “Capsaicin” is what gives cayenne pepper it’s spicy flavor. This component is directly responsible for the following outcomes:

  • A Warming/dilating effect on the blood vessels allowing for optimal blood flow throughout the body.
  • It is extremely helpful with alleviating allergies, muscle cramp, improving digestion, gives more pep and energy, and helps wound healing with minimal scar tissue.
  • Works as a fantastic detoxifier. When performing a cleanse of the body, cayenne should always be used!

Unrefined Natural Sea Salt:

Found in ocean water. The oceans were once the home to all life on Earth. However, some people may be thinking to themselves…”Why would I put sea salt in my energy drink?” Unlike conventional table salt, unrefined sea salt contains an amazing blend of trace minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, etc.) which are absolutely necessary for optimal health and longevity. A proper balcance of water and salt is what keeps the body hydrated. Without these trace minerals and sodium chloride (NaCl), the body could never function properly. It is hugely important to maintain hydration, so a pinch of unrefined natural sea salt can go a long way!

If You would like to learn more about the amazing benefits of unrefined natural sea salt, please click on the link below >>


Try this drink before exercise, I guarantee you’ll be impressed with the results!




Michael Swiderski
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My outlook on life is a bit unconventional to say the least. Shortly after I was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease known as Narcolepsy, my mindset about the meaning of life was severely altered. Things that once held great importance in my life quickly fell by the wayside. However, when certain doors close, others will open...and that they did.
Narcolepsy completely turned my world upside down and inside out. It successfully ended my career in Biotechnology, and ruined many close relationships. Experiencing side effects from Narcolepsy is one thing, but adding in the side effects from pharmaceutical stimulants is a whole other ballgame. I was constantly in pain, irritable, stressed, depressed, exhausted, jittery, anxious, etc. The list goes on, but you get the idea.
The day soon came where I hit rock bottom with this illness and the fake "treatment" that was prescribed to me. I was through with trusting the so-called "medical professionals". Therefore, I finally decided to make use of my free will, and I began my own research on narcolepsy. It took me two years to get where I'm at today, and I am proud to say that no more do I rely on pharmaceutical drugs to manage the side effects of Narcolepsy. I am here to tell my story of freedom, as well as reveal all my findings along the way. Stay tuned, you just might learn something...