Two Coronal Mass Ejections Careen Towards Earth


Two coronal mass ejections careen towards earth.

The first of two Coronal Mass Ejections left Tuesday and the second one shot off on Wednesday. DreamMyst continues to state that cosmic will continues. Solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME) will continue to change our weather patterns in our future. This is because the Sun and the Earth are interconnected explains DreamMyst. CME and solar flares are consecutive when they hit earth. This means that one CME or flare will affect the weather for a couple of weeks then when the next one hits this one will also have an effect for two weeks after it reaches our atmosphere.

Get ready for extreme weather. On August 20 and 21 two coronal mass ejections (CMEs’) shot off from the sun heading towards our planet sending a cloud of superheated particles towards Earth at a speed of two million mile per hour. When the energy from a geomagnetic storm fills earth’s magnetosphere, it stretches, and changes the shape. This weakens the magnetic ribbon known as the magnetosphere or for those of a new age bent the aura of our planet. The effects of these two coronal mass ejections are felt within 24 to 36 hours after impact with earth’s magnetosphere.

  • Magnetic storms produce auroras
  • Create electrical surges in power grids
  • Degrade communication signals
  • Disable electronic systems on the ground as well as satellites
  • Can knock our the electrical grid for many years to come

Animals, birds, and sea animals could be affected due to their magnetic sensing, but they will not be the only living creatures affected by these two solar eruptions. Emotions and insights will be intense for humans as well.


DreamMyst: “One of the things I think is very interesting coming from where I exist is that, in your solar system, a ribbon wraps around your Mother Earth. This ribbon attracts cosmic and universal particles, which protects your earth from cosmic rays. My own energy exists even further beyond those cosmic rays.

There is something like a great big bubble of protection around your solar system and around your planet as well. When you have this kind of energy from all these beautiful particles, it’s important to know how all of this energy is helping to change your planet. This is why, for the first time in thousands and thousands of years, all the planets are lining up,—why the sun is throwing out many solar flares. Energy is building to a high and powerful level. When the solar flares and earth changes occur, they pump up the planet’s energy. Not only do they increase Mother Earth’s energy but your energy as well. You are just as affected as the planet by these energy shifts and changes.

This ribbon of energy has always been. It’s like a piece of tape that particles stick to. That is what creates the ribbon and is going to help protect the earth. It might be good to visualize this as a lovely ribbon tied up in a bow wrapped around your planet.

The new age will bring transitions and transformations of a new life. Earth has never gone through these types of changes with human beings on the planet, and it’s best to be prepared. It is not only the economy shifting so quickly, but also the environment. Your planet is changing dramatically.” Excerpt from When The Golden Egg Cracks by Susan Norgren


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U.S. government’s official source for space weather forecasts, alerts, watches, and warnings is NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center

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