Twelve essential oils that fight cancer and boost immunity


One-third of American’s are seeking alternative medicine for either their sole medical treatment or for complementary medical treatment.  People are often incorporating vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, melatonin, deep breathing, yoga, or chiropractic care into their natural health arsenal.  It appears that natural health care trends are only projected to keep growing. (1)

One-third of Americans are seeking alternative medicine

The organic food market is expected to grow 14 percent between the years of 2013-2018 and the global essential oil market is expected to reach 11.67 billion dollars by 2022. (2,3)

Essential oils have been utilized in numerous cultures for decades to help remedy disease.  Essentials oils may have gained their appeal through their pleasant scents but will maintain their longevity due to research and the growing demand for alternative medicine.

Different varieties of Frankincense oil found to kill bladder cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer cells

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences found that different types of frankincense oils are effective at killing cancer cells.  Boswellia carteri has been found to target cancerous cells in bladder tumors, killing them and leaving healthy cells alone.  Boswellia sacramay is thought to be effective in breast cancer prevention as well as for advanced breast cancers.  Boswellia sacrais is an effective and non-invasive treatment for basal cell carcinoma. Boswellia carteri and Santalum album both kill cancer cells in different ways, when combined they form a strong alliance to annihilate cancer. (4)

Twelve essential oils that help fight cancer, boost immunity and improve health and well-being

Frankincense oil is not the only effective oil for cancer.  Consider adding the following 12 oils to your collection in order to boost your immune system and help your body fight infection and disease.

  1. Black Pepper: Use for asthma, sinus congestion, chronic indigestion, cold,  respiratory infections, obesity, improper metabolism, urinary problems, cholera, headache, intermittent fever, toxic remains in the system, and cancer. (5)
  2. Cinnamon: Eighty studies have investigated cinnamaldehyde’s ability to inhibit tumor cell death and cancer cell apoptosis. (6)
  3. Clove: Clove oil contains 30x more anti-oxidants than blueberries which helps reduce free radical damage. (7)
  4. Oregano: Oregano’s active ingredient, carvacrol, shown to have anti-tumor effects on metastatic breast cancer cells. (8)
  5. Cardamom:  Cardamom essential oil shows to have chemopreventative and anti-tumor effects. (9)
  6. Fennel: Fennel contains terpenoid anethole, which has both estrogenic and chemopreventive effects. (10)
  7. Frankincense: Kills bladder cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer cells. (4)
  8. Clary Sage: Clary Sage contains sclareol which has anticancer effects against breast cancer cells. (11)
  9. Melaleuca (Tea Tree): Tea tree oil was found to fight non-melanoma skin cancer in mice. (12)
  10. Helichrysum: Studies show that helichrysum oil lowers inflammation, fights against free radical damage and has corticoid-like effects. (13)
  11. Rosemary: One study concluded that a 1 percent rosemary essential oil was able to deactivate more than 90 percent of ovarian and liver cancer cells. (14)
  12. Thyme:  A 2010 study found that thyme oil was effective against breast cancer, lung cancer,a nd prostate cancer cells. (14)

Seeking out a licensed aromatherapist or medical practitioner can help you better understand how to use essential oils, their purposes and how they can promote your own personal well-being.

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