Turning Back Time with Tintype Photography


Pure beauty and grace embodying old school style and flair- that’s what tintype photography brings to you. Unique, single shot prints that develop nearly instantly. Your image seemingly engraved into a single, perfect shot for the rest of time, embodied forever. It’s odd, but as we delve into an ever expanding age of technological perfection that revolves around definition, there seems to be a growing interest in tintype photography. You can take yourself back to a simpler day in age and get lost in the magic that surrounds these rustic imaging tactics from the 1850’s.

Raya from YourHollywoodPortrait is just one photographer leading the way. She is using the state of the art Hasselblad HD Camera but she recently added an Asco Camera from 1939 to her arsenal, so she can shoot on Tintypes using the process from the 1850s. But she says it’s not just about the equipment. The photographer makes a world of difference. It’s the instinctive style and class, the boudoir photography style, of embodying sex and power all in one. Helping you put your best foot forward and getting dolling up for the rustic style that you’ll find only in tintype portraits.

More and more people are diving into the world of tintype, getting lost in the past. Enjoying the natural, almost surreal beauty and magic that comes to life. Why?

Power, Grace and Beauty

There’s a lot of power that goes along with putting yourself all together for a photo shoot. You’re putting the pieces out there and bringing your greatest qualities together for a truly talented photographer to show off. It’s not something that just anyone can do and few photographers these days even attempt true boudoir style tintype pictures. With careful grace, tintype photography embellishes your beauty forever with expert techniques and all you have to do is pose with your (possibly newfound) more confident alter ego.

Rediscover What Truly Makes You Beautiful

Pick your feature, pick your poison and pick your outfit. Whether you decide on classic lingerie or something a little more structured, tintype photography lets your true beauty shine through. Maybe you’ll have a new-found respect for yourself and hopefully you’ll discover just how beautiful you really are. Don’t let the first glance of these simple, rustic but artistic photos fool you. Take a moment and you’ll probably find yourself falling in love with it.

Have Fun, Get Creative, Think Rustic and Beautiful In Ways You Never Have Before

You might think it’s awkward and you might have a hard time being as comfortable as you’d want initially, but that’s part of the magic. With a good photographer, you’ll feel yourself sinking into the atmosphere and feel yourself becoming more and more creative. This ancient world style that span back to the 1850’s brings you beauty and grace unmatched by anything you’ll see today. And no Photoshop necessary to bring out your glorious assets.

Be Yourself With Stylish New Age Approaches to Classic Photography

Let it all out there and you will see exactly what tintype photography has to offer. Whether you want a pin-up style, an ancient Chinese look or that old Hollywood style, virtually anything you want can be done in tintype. Simply put, you don’t have to be a model to appreciate the style and thought that goes into it.

The best part is that as the times get newer and technology gets more “defined” there will always be the amazing perfection that comes along with these instant images. Instead of taking days with classic techniques for developing your images, modern tintype photography can be done quickly and you’ll be embellished for years to come with one of a kind class and grace.

Veronica Davis