Turmeric – The Most All-Around Healing Herb in the Garden!


The locals call it Olena here in Hawaii. Turmeric could be the most commonly used herb in Ayurvedic medicine and maybe the most “all-around” herb on our medicinal herb farm on Kauai. Turmeric is in the ginger family. It grows and looks similar to ginger, but boasts an eccentric orange in color and is of much cooler quality than ginger. We utilize the root of this plant that grows in clumps.

Turmeric in the Garden

We grow turmeric throughout the gardens, and once the rhizome is in the ground, it regrows year after year even if you attempt to “pull it all out”. The truth is, wherever it is growing, it holds a space of ultimate immunity and vitality for itself and its surroundings. It is also left outside the entrance ways of homes to keep the evil spirits away and attract positive energy.

Turmeric – High in Vitamins and Minerals

We use cold-pressed Turmeric juice on all kinds of booboos directly, as Turmeric is awesome for skin afflictions; and also consume it in water, smoothies or as a spice in tea or food. Turmeric root is very high in vital minerals that rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit; specifically iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium, as well as essential vitamins; specifically Vitamin A, B & C.

Turmeric’s Many Uses Across Cultures

In Chinese medicine, the skin is referred to as the third lung because it truly breathes. In India, it is powdered and used as make-up to create both physical and emotional immunity through the skin; Turmeric activates our metabolism and detoxes the body, chipping away at any stagnant acidic or cancerous cells. Inflammation from toxic build-up is eventually dispersed and excreted out of the body. In the process, excess weight loss typically occurs.

Turmeric infuses the blood with rich magnesium, iron and potassium; which energizes and circulates the blood to move freely throughout the body. Our blood is like a river, stagnancy, which breeds bacteria and disease, is the enemy. Moving the blood is essential to vitality. In this regard, Turmeric is one of the best herbs to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Turmeric also helps to balance hormones, regulate menstruation in woman, and stops diabetes in early stages. Turmeric is also excellent medicine to awaken the prostate gland and reproductive organs. Potently alkalizing in nature, turmeric will help attract all things alkaline to the host; that’s you, if you eat a lot of turmeric.

To see fresh turmeric root harvested from the garden and here more about the plant and it’s uses watch this video.


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