Trump Brings Jobs to the U.S.


Trump Brings Jobs to the U.S.

President-elect Donald Trump has already set into motion maneuvers to stabilize the American economy and in turn, has guaranteed job within the United States.  Prior to his inauguration, Donald Trump has been meeting with and negotiating major business proposals that will bring manufacturing back to the U.S. as seen just after the second world war.  What makes a country great is when manufacturing and production are at its highest.  Jobs are than available to everyone with competitive wages.  In turn, the country exports more than it purchases goods from other countries as imports thus increasing its gold reserves and strengthening the value of their currency.  In the previous decades, the United States has done the exact opposite of this weakening the country as a whole meanwhile enriching just a few individuals that hold office in this country.


Chinese Company Relocates to U.S.

With word of some of the trade deals that President-elect Donald Trump has already been negotiating the head of a Chinese-based company has decided to relocate his business to the United States.  China; renown for slave labor this company head has decided that it is more beneficial for the business to produce within the United States where it must adhere to various state-to-state labor laws and even workers unions.  This naturally means Americans will have a chance at the possibility of more work while simultaneously watching the economy slowly begin to stabilize.


The Importance of Increasing Production and Exports

During the American Civil War, the world got its first glimpse of how important production and exports are to a nation.  The North; which had a capital on factories, produced more war equipment than the South could while blockading and starving the South likewise.  Thus production and the export of this production helped the North win the Civil War.  Later during the Second World War the American economy again entered into an unprecedented level of mass production thus ultimately winning the war and even experiencing a major economic boom for decades afterwards.


In fact it was well known that the average American man could support his family with nothing but a high school diploma and a full time job.  This was how well the economy was.  Wives didn’t have to work unless they wanted to and children grew up experiencing childhood at its finest.  Unlike nowadays where both mother and fathers have to work in order to keep the household afloat while children grow up estranged from their parents primarily being raised by the state’s educational system.   It is time to change this.


Hiring A Business Man to Fix the Economy

The real problems Americans face is the inevitable collapse of the American economy.  Not middle easterners invading North America in a “Normandy”-like style invasion or the growing tensions with Russia as Russia has stated very clearly that it is we (the United States) who are meddling with their neighbors in their backyard.  So it made sense that Americans voted for the candidate that they believed would best fix their problems.  Of course, that was Donald Trump; a renown business man.


For a very long time decisions regarding the lives of innocent civilians in other countries to be taken in conflict over land and resources have been made by the politicians, big businesses and backdoor dealings between these two parties, not the American people.  Once these decisions are made to invade an “enemy” country over a false flag attack sponsored by our own government it is the poorest of the poor civilians that are targeted for military service as a means to “better” their lot in life.  For now the country will get to wait and see as more progress is made that may or may not benefit the American society and middle class as a whole.



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