True Alternative for Cancer Treatment, Really? What do You Think?


When considering alternatives to conventional medical treatments, the mind’s thoughts veer towards natural concepts. This would be normal for most. However, when it comes to conventional medicine, it would seem that it is not.

The other day while viewing a local news broadcast, Fox6Now News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during their 10 pm segment, an alternative for cancer treatment was noted as a “break-through” in cancers on the outside of organs. The segment was entitled “Flushing Away Cancer” and used by doctors at Froedtert Hospital in southeastern Wisconsin.

The story involved a woman with appendix cancer and after this “break-through” treatment was cancer free with minimal side-effects. The procedure includes removing all affected cells and inserting chemotherapy fluid within the abdominal cavity while massaging all for ninety minutes before draining the fluid. This is to allow the interior in being bathe to kill any remaining cancerous cells.

As for the minimal side-effects, well, the woman still lost her hair and appetite, but according to doctors, this is rare.

Yes, this is an alternative to your normal chemotherapy or radiation treatments, but still allows for chemicals to be placed within the body. Just because this procedure allowed the woman to be up and about within a three week period; it still damages vital body systems.

This commentary does not negate the fact that the woman had a large cancerous fluid mass and surgery was probably necessary, but why were not more natural alternatives considered in the aftermath? Why was not the woman given the benefit of nutrition/diet consulting? Instead, she is allow to continue living the life of her past, which probably induced the cancerous growth in the first place.

Those in the realm of Natural or Alternative health options are knowledgeable in the benefits that nutrition/diet plays with our genomes. Yet, those within the conventional medical establishment still consider chemicals, foreign to the body, as alternatives to correcting illness and/or disease.

These concepts are a mockery to what Hippocrates, the so-called father of modern medicine, envisioned for he knew and “favored the use of diet and exercise as cures but realized that some people, unable to follow such directions, would need medicine” as noted within the Encyclopedia of World Biography (2015). Within this same vein, Meno, student of Aristotle, stated Hippocrates views on cause of diseases were “undigested residues were produced by unsuitable diet and that these residues excreted vapours, which passed into the body generally and produced diseases” (Smith, 2014).

If the above are to be taken as Hippocrates beliefs, how then has conventional medicine drifted so far from this concept? Will nutrition and/or diet ever be recognized as the true alternative to illness/disease or is the struggle to prompt change for naught? With all in mind, do you consider this as a ‘true alternative for cancer treatment?’

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