Trouble Losing Weight? Low Energy? Liver Toxicity May Be The Cause


Weight Loss and Increased Energy: The Search for the a “Miracle Cure”

Over the last 30 years, Americans have become more and more obsessed with finding the “miracle cure” for increasing energy, and losing weight. The irony is, that even though more diet foods and energy drinks exist today than ever before, the nation is more inactive, obese and toxic than at any point in history.

Part of our nation’s health and weight problem stems from how we perceive the food we consume. Numerous low-fat energy drink and food companies would like for you to believe that their products are the ‘miracle solution’ to all of your weight and health issues. What you probably don’t realize is that most of these products are more apt to make your conditions that you desperately want to get rid of, much worse.

Fact: a healthy body does not consist of over caffeinated drinks and low-fat, chemical-laden food. It consists of unprocessed, natural nutrients that cleanse your body naturally of dangerous toxins, as nature intended. 

Though you may not be aware, if you are putting on weight, and are sluggish or tired, then your body (specifically your liver) might be heavily burdened by an excess of toxins that are preventing it from metabolizing fats and nutrients properly. Liver toxicity can not only make you overweight and constantly tired, but can lead to more serious health issues such as thyroid problems, gallbladder attacks, and more.

Simply put, “you are what you eat” is fact when it comes to your health. To be healthy and free of toxins, you need to eat healthy food, that is toxin-free and beneficial to your liver’s metabolic processes.

Signs of Liver Toxicity

If you consume alcohol frequently, know that 90% of heavy drinkers will develop fatty liver disease within their lifetime. Even for those who pass on alcohol, it is estimated that 29 million Americans have fatty liver disease that don’t even drink. It is also estimated that up to 20% of the American population have gall stones or liver stones. Even more scary, over 900 prescription meds cause damage to the liver, and almost 80% of all cases of liver toxicity are linked to these same meds. The truth is that liver toxicity is difficult to avoid when on the standard america diet (SAD).

If you know that you consume high-sugar, high-chemical, processed foods, then you likely have levels of toxicity within your body. You may have further problems that you should address sooner than later, if you eat these unhealthy foods and you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Constipation
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Rashes/Itchy skin
  • Weight Gain
  • Low energy
  • Body pain
  • Headaches

Find out how healthy your liver and gallbladder are by taking a free 2-minute Liver & Gallbladder Test online.

These common problems are some of the first signs that your body has accumulated toxins that have built-up over a period of time. More specifically, they suggest that your liver may be overrun with an excess of toxins, which will prevent the vital organ from carrying out its primary functions which include:

  • Production of biochemicals necessary for digestion
  • Protein synthesis
  • Natural Detoxification

What Causes Your Liver to Become ‘Overrun’ by Toxins?

A toxic lifestyle, to put it plainly. The liver is stressed by sugars, hydrogenated oils, refined carbohydrates, oils that are damaged by high heat and oils that are rancid (which includes the majority of vegetable oils currently on the market). Because many of us consume these ‘toxins’ on a daily basis, our livers have to work overtime to process them through our bodies. To accomplish this mountainous task, your liver is forced to dump loads of these toxins into your gallbladder.

Your gallbladder’s job is to store bile, which helps in digesting fats in the small intestine. If significant amounts of toxins are being dumped into the gallbladder, the bile will become thick and can not be expelled from the gallbladder. This bile backup results in your liver also becoming congested.

Once the liver and bile flow are compromised, then your intestines, which normally utilize this bile for breaking down the fats you consume, will instead end up storing the fat. This will result in the body keeping much more fat when it should naturally be metabolizing it.

What Can You Do to Lower Your Toxin Levels?

Similar to a backed-up plumbing system, your body must flush away the toxic waste. To accomplish this, your body needs to carry out a careful process of toxin elimination, aided by the supplementation of essential vitamins.

One effective way to begin this process is by going on a detox program, specifically for your liver. This can help to ensure that you have rid your body completely of all harmful toxins, so that you are able to rejuvenate and regenerate your healthy metabolic processes again. In addition, also providing your body with further benefits like:

  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Improved weight management results
  • Increased energy/vitality
  • Less bloating
  • Shinier hair
  • Clearer skin

There are a number of purification processes. I would recommend, as always, that you take the natural route. Natural processes will help you to live a healthier life by nourishing, purifying, and maintaining a healthy weight and overall body. Focus on feeding your body with unprocessed, healthy foods that will increase your vitality.

The ideal purification process utilizes a 100% all natural supplement of organic herbs like Livatrex (which is used to detox the liver) in tandem with a diet of whole foods, specifically fruits and vegetables, while also limiting refined, high-calorie foods and unhealthy fats (which is used to maintain the liver). Nourishing your body with these foods will provide your body with the complex combination of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are needed to protect it from ailments and diseases that are all too common in today’s society:

  • Complete Essential Nutritional Organic Whole Foods – Whole food organic nutrition like Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Barley, Grape Seed Extract, Alfalfa, Carrot Powder, Red Wise Extract can assist greatly in natural detoxification.
  • Green Foods – Kale, Barley, Brussel Sprouts, Buck Wheet, and Alfalfa Sprouts are a simple way to add essential phytonutrients to your diet, while also supporting healthy liver function and the normal elimination process of toxins. Sun is Shining green superfood is a great supplement for greens that I would highly recommend.
  • Omega-3 Oil – like Tuna Oil with essential omega-3 fatty acids to provide antioxidants and support your body’s natural inflammatory response.
  • Fiber – Apple Pectin, Psyllium, Feenel, Collinsonia, and Fenugreek soluble and insoluble fibers used to support the digestive system. Both raw organic Chia seeds and Flaxseeds are also great sources of fiber and Omega-3 oil.

Take Action

Your liver is an essential part of your digestive system, and your overall health. Eat organic, unprocessed foods and keep yourself in a good state of health, and a healthy state of mind. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.

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