Trendy Holiday Fashion : 6 Items To Wear On Christmas Day


The holidays come around every year, and though they are steeped in tradition, it’s always nice to do something unique to make it yours. Maybe you were raised to believe you had to wear red and green on Christmas day, complete with a gaudy jumper that your grandmother knitted—or picked up in the sales!

Today, you can dress for the holiday spirit, but with your own sophisticated flair. With just a few key items, you can look like you just stepped out of the television Christmas special you’ll be watching at your in-laws house, but without all the bad singing.

To help you look trendy and festive, here are 6 items you can wear on Christmas Day:

  1. A blazer. Blazers are the perfect topping to most outfits, and provide a tailored look. Slimming and silhouette shaping, a black or navy blue blazer is perfect to wear over a cute sleeveless or short-sleeved top that would be too chilly without a topper. Pair your blazer with either slim-fit trousers or a skirt for a cute outfit, or with leather leggings for a more daring allure.
  2. Cocktail dress. If your holiday affair is formal, you’ll have to wear a cocktail dress. Short dresses are trendy right now. The appropriate colours for Christmas would be black, red, jewel tones, silver or gold. It may be tempting to wear some fun stockings, something with a quirky holiday print, but this won’t look good at a classy event. With a black dress, you could try a pair of dark stockings that have some glittery threads, but nothing red and green or with snowflakes on them!
  3. Black slacks and fitted top. If you aren’t the dress-wearing type, you can always look feminine and festive in a pair of classic black trousers and a nice top. This would be a great time to wear a blazer, some great jewelry and great shoes (see below).
  4. Shoes. Specific items for a holiday outfit are usually only worn once a year. But when it comes to shoes, that’s not the case! That’s why if there is one accessory or fashion item you splurge on for your outfit, it should be your shoes. Quality leather shoes that are comfortable will keep your feet warm and protected, even once the holidays are long gone. Whether it’s a pair of black classic heels, tall boots or fur-lined ankle boots, you can always wear Clarks ladies boots to look smart on Christmas.
  5. Jewelry. Wearing a remarkable piece is always a good idea, but don’t over do it. A nice watch, chandelier earrings or a statement necklace (thought not all three at once please!) are classic holiday jewelry that will give a finished look to your outfit. Rhinestone earrings are also festive and classy. If you have any heirloom or antique pieces, such as a brooch, locket or earrings, this would be the perfect time to show them off.
  6. Bag. What kind of bag should you carry on Christmas Day? If you are going to a dinner party, cocktail party, or anywhere you don’t need to carry dozens of greeting cards and gifts, you will look fabulous with a sequined or metallic clutch. A clutch is the perfect bag for a party because you can elegantly carry the things you need at hand: lipstick, phone, and Santa’s phone number.

No matter what you wear for that special holiday celebration, the most important thing is being with those who are dear to us, having cheer in your heart, and of course…eating that wonderful Christmas meal! And why not follow these tips and look great at the same time!

Jyoti Wadhwa
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