Treating Lower Back Pain Without Surgery or Prescriptions


Each and everyday there are millions of people suffering from back pain. In fact, over 30 million people in America alone are experiencing back pain right now and we spend a minimum of $50 billion every year trying to alleviate back pain. According to the American Chiropractic Association, up 80 percent of people will have some sort of back pain in their lifetime. So it’s not surprising that primary care visits for back pain is second only to upper respiratory problems.

While a small percentage of people with back pain will have a severe underlying problem and possibly need surgery, most of the time it’s treatable without it.

Get Out There and Walk

One of the easiest and most effective ways to help alleviate minor lower back pain or pain that isn’t caused by some more serious problem is simply walking. Actually any low impact aerobic exercise can help. Love swimming? Do it more often. Or go for a bike ride. But rehabilitation physician Alec Meleger says that merely walking help ease lumbar stiffness, get the blood circulating and strengthen those muscles. And as a bonus, it should help lift your mood, which will also help.

The Mckenzie Method

The McKenzie Method has developed quite a following over the years all around the world. Studies have shown that this method produces better results than mobility exercises, spinal mobilization and even nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Many people who have heard of, but not intimately familiar with the method believe it’s simply a set of exercises that are done. But actually, as Dr. Luis Fandos explains, it’s really best done with the assistance of someone trained in the method… whether that means just being in the same room or if that means being physically assisted with the movements when needed.

Reduce Stress and Talk About it for Heaven’s Sake

Stress reduction isn’t just good for staying sane, but it can also be good for your back. When you’re stressed, tense or anxious, you normally go into “fight or flight” mode. That just tenses your muscles even more. Including your back. Fox News reports that a study done in Europe showed those who are suffering from anxiety or commonly have negative thoughts are also prone to back pain.

But they also say that simply talking about your pain with a therapist can help, too. Participants in a study who suffered from back pain and took part in cognitive behavioral therapy for six weeks experienced less back pain. And one year later? Nearly 60 percent said they no longer had back pain at all. Completely, utterly cured of it.

Aspirin Relief Without the Possible Side Effects

People who often turn to aspirin when back pain strikes, should learn about willow bark. European scientists discovered how to extract salicin from willow bark in 1928 and transform it into salicylic acid, which eventually became what we know today as acetylsalicylic acid… aspirin! With so many people trying to find more natural alternatives to everyday health problems, many now simply turn willow bark for pain relief. This study is just one that shows how willow bark can be helpful for those who suffer from back pain.

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