Are you treating a hematoma the right way?


Can you recognize a hematoma in your body? Do you know how to use home remedies to treat a hematoma correctly? Learn more about definition, symptoms, causes, complications and home remedies in this article.

What is a hematoma?

A hematoma is a formation of collected blood out of blood vessel which appears when the wall of a blood vessel, vein or capillary has been injured. There are variety of position that may have a hematoma such as subdural hematoma, intracranial epidural hematoma, spinal epidural hematoma, ear or aural hematoma, subungual hematoma (under the nail) and more.

How can I know a hematoma?

Signs and symptoms of a hematoma are various that base on position and type of the hematoma. In general, some common symptoms consist of headache, pain, weakness, discoloration, loss of bowel control if it is an epidural hematoma, swelling and redness. If you have a subdural hematoma, your symptoms are probably weakness on one side, easy to falling, confusion, seizures. What’s more, if your affected position is too large that can appear a necrosis.

Why I get a hematoma?

There are many reasons that lead to a hematoma. Trauma is the popular cause of a hematoma. When your tissue is affected by an injury the blood vessel is damaged and blood might clot. Therefore it will form a hematoma. On the other hand, due to surgical intervention, dental procedures and injection of medications blood vessels are damaged and appear hematoma around the site of procedure. However, a hematoma happens spontaneously without cause or specific trauma.

Beside, there are many medications which perhaps prolong healing process. They are aspirin, vitamin E, ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, Plavix. Therefore, you should ask your doctor carefully before you take these medications.

Otherwise, pelvic bone fractures and menstruation can cause a hematoma.

What are complications of a hematoma?

The most common complication for all type of hematoma is infection due to poor blood supply. Moreover, the affected area is too large and severe in the legs you might be easy to get an amputation if no blood flow return.

How to treat a hematoma

Treatment of a hematoma belongs to the position, symptoms and status of the hematoma. For a mild hematoma you can use some home remedies such as:

– Rest: Get an immobilization to avoid further injury which affect to the hematoma.

– Ice: ice packs are the best way to reduce pain and swelling for acute injuries. Wrap ice packs into a clean towel then put on the hematoma for 20 minutes each time, repeat 4 to 8 times a day to get effective.

– Elevate: put your legs above your heart level to prevent blood flow to that site and help ease the hematoma’s dimensions.

– Lavender oil: Add a few drop of lavender oil into a cold water bowel then stir it. Apply on the hematoma area by a clean towel with that mixture. Lavender oil has multiple functions with our body such as reduce inflammation, soothe pain, prevent skin irritation. Know more about lavender oil here: Lavender Oil – The Oil of Health Benefits

– A warm compress: The appropriate temperature for warm compress is 37 to 40 degree Celsius. This is good for recovery because it helps dilate the blood vessels to increase the circulation. However, you might consider that this do not use for treat a hematoma in the early onset.

– Turmeric powder: this is common herbal which be used in almost Asia countries. Potentially, turmeric powder helps reduce inflammation and infection. You can take a pinch of turmeric powder and dissolve in a glass of warm milk and drink once per day. You are actually happy after using this solution. Read more health benefits of turmeric here: 10 Benefits of Turmeric that You Might Not Know About

These are some home remedies to treat a hematoma at home. If you applied for a few days it could not reduced then you should seek a medical attention.


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