Transform Your Mind And Transform Your Figure


Transform Your Mind And Transform Your Figure

Whether it is cookies, cakes, or crisp croissants women tend to think more about food at least two hundred times a day. From silly reasons of “feeling bad” so need to treat with yummy chocolates ice-cream to “I have been good today” so I deserve a candy. Recent research shows that food items just pop in our head and all set to do makes miserable, craving for more.

For the majority of the women, food is the first thing that comes to their mind in the morning and perhaps remains active till they hit the bed. Probably, it is one of the primary reasons to put on weight. The way you think about food, it takes over the control over your mind. You just need to change your mind-set about all your cravings and yummy treats and that in turn will help you lose weight – not just lose weight but fast weight loss.

How To Tune Your Mind

The key is to fine tune your mind through the concept of learning to observe your thoughts and know them then act on it. It can be achieved through simple exercises that you put your mind to do it to escape the tyranny of your favourite cravings. These are simple mind game exercise like back counting 10 to 1 or putting something healthy in your mouth than what your mind was thinking etc. It will only work when you recognize and relate your eating patterns you will get to some solution of what kind of food thinker you are- the gorger, the nibbler, the bigger, the junkie, or the comfort eater.

Making A List Helps

The first thing to do is do not keep those unbearable craving items in your home. Write down the list of items that makes you miserable, you are unable to resist them. Stop being impulsive purchaser of such items. Most importantly, whenever you come across your favourite food and the moment you open your mouth try asking this question, “Am I doing it right? I am trying hard to get in shape? Is this cheating going to help me? This is surely going to work; all you have to do is push your mind towards resisting it.