How to Transform Your Brain (and Your Life) with a Heavy Metal Detox


Have you ever thought about what’s in your brain? Are you aware of how many toxins are undermining your brain health and your quality of life, right at this very moment? Have you thought about, what your life would be like, if you had a better, cleaner, more evolved brain?

We may think that we can evolve our brain with learning new things, reading books, exposing ourselves to new experiences. But what are we doing at the cellular and biological level? What about the health of our brain? If we want a car to move faster, we could either step harder on the gas pedal, or, we could upgrade the whole engine. The same goes for your brain. You can upgrade your brain, and that’s what this article is about.

I have tried several things in pursuit of upgrading my brain, and by far, the most impactful thing I tried was detoxification, especially detoxification of heavy metals.

Most of us living in the modern world have been exposed to heavy metals in one way or another. Many people have had mercury “silver” dental fillings, or vaccines, and these two are the biggest sources of heavy metal toxicity. What we don’t know is that once these heavy metals are in the body and in the brain, it is very hard to get them out, and the only way to do so is through a sophisticated, carefully structured detoxification program.

Here are some of the symptoms of having a high level of heavy metals:

  • Fits of unexplained anger, with irrational and even violent behavior
  • Fearfulness, anxiety, nervousness and panic attacks, often with difficulty breathing.
  • Shyness or timidity
  • Emotional instability, and lack of self-control
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Inability to focus and concentrate for long periods of time
  • Indecisiveness, and impulsivity
  • Feeling overly emotional and sad
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Distractibility and restlessness, not being able to focus on one thing for long enough.
  • Insomnia and interrupted sleep

I have suffered from every single one of these symptoms. I tried to overcome them with things like a better diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, going to self-help seminars, taking classes and trying to improve myself and expose myself to new experiences. However, nothing really worked and had a lasting effect. It wasn’t until I did an intensive heavy metal detox that I started to see long-term change.

I had a mercury “silver” dental filling for several years, I have been vaccinated many times, and I also had a very toxic diet and lifestyle for most of my early life. I thought that just by removing my fillings and cleansing my diet and doing a few liver cleanses, that my body will detoxify on its own, and that I will have taken care of the problem for good. But the symptoms still persisted, even when I had the healthiest diet and lifestyle.

I decided to test myself for heavy metals, and my results showed that I had extremely high levels of the heavy metals mercury, cadmium, and aluminum in my body. It was then that I decided to stop everything else in my life, and focus all my energy and attention on detoxifying these heavy metals and cleansing my body, otherwise, I would remain stuck with an inferior life forever.

Within 3 weeks of starting my detox, I overcame problems that burdened me my whole life, and reached a level of health that I never thought was possible. For example, I always had a problem with my digestion. I would get bloated for hours whenever I eat anything that is high in fat or vegetable fiber, and I always thought it was because I tend to overeat and needed to eat less. However, after detoxifying for a few weeks, I was able to easily digest much larger amounts of food almost effortlessly, without any digestive pain or bloating. I also started to feel more optimistic and motivated. I had more willpower, energy and drive to start new projects and try new things, something that I never thought had anything to do with my health.

After 3 months of heavy metal detoxification, I was able to overcome all of my symptoms. I also achieved a level of spiritual growth that I never thought was possible, and my intuition became much stronger and sharper. I was more positive, felt more appreciation, gratitude and optimism, and felt like I’m more able to attract and manifest positive events and people into my life.

That is when I realized this: sometimes, in order for real change to become possible, we need to change things at the cellular level. Which is maybe why some people never change. Most of our toxic behaviors, thoughts and emotions, are merely a result of a toxic brain and a toxic body, and by removing the toxins and heavy metals from our brain and our body, we can finally start to blossom, evolve, and become who we truly want to, and were meant to, be.


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