Toxic Coconut Water Brands: What You Ought To Know About Coconut Water


Deceptive business practices within the coconut water industry are common. Consumers are made to believe they are getting exactly what’s promised on the label. Don’t fall into this trap. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Health Benefits

Provided you’re buying pure coconut water, here’s what you stand to get:

  • Nutrition – Coconut water is packed with nutrients. One serving can make you feel full longer. Plus, it has low-calorie content.
  • A Cure For Hangover – After consuming a large amount of alcohol the night before, drink coconut water the next day. It has a powerhouse of electrolytes which your body can use to replace those that were lost.
  • Better Digestion – Acid reflux sufferers and people with digestion problems should also drink coconut water. It contains fiber, which can help the digestive system work properly.
  • Hydration – Sports and energy drinks are the underdogs in this regard.  Compared to coconut water, which can provide 294 mg of potassium per glass, these drinks give out only half of that amount. In addition, coconut water has only 25 mg of sodium. Others contain double of that amount or even more.
  • Compatibility with Human Blood – Coconut water is isotonic to the human blood. In medical emergencies, where dextrose is unavailable, coconut water can be used.

Bad Business

Coconut water must be sourced straight from fresh coconuts to keep its nutrients intact. However, some manufacturers employ bad business tactics.

These include:

  • Adding preservatives and sweeteners – Don’t be deceived. Some brands claim they are 100% natural. To maintain that kind of purity, young coconut fruits are shipped unaltered to the United States. A cheaper alternative is to extract the coconut water from the fruit, put preservatives in it — like formaldehyde — and then sell it to consumers. Coconut water from old fruits tastes acidic and contains significantly fewer nutrients.
  • Heating – Heating kills the bacteria in coconut water and therefore extends its shelf life. However, useful microorganisms are also killed in the process.
  • Turning coconut water into its syrup form is another alternative, but that also requires heating – When the product is processed this way, the manufacturer would later add water to the coconut water syrup, resulting in a product with no natural enzymes.

Coconut Water Brands That Are Toxic

Here is a list of brands that were flagged due to compromised processing and packaging:

  • Zico – They use natural flavors and are avid supporters of GMO. They employ high-heat pasteurization.
  • Vita Coco – They lie with their 100% pure claim and also use pasteurization. Their Café version contains carrageenan which is destructive to the gut.
  • C20 – This is another brand that uses high-heat pasteurization. Compounding the problem is that they use metal cans for their packaging
  • O.N.E. – This product uses sugar, which is of the GMO type. Pasteurization with heating is employed as well.
  • Naked Juice – This product uses flash pasteurization in processing and coconut water from mature fruits.
  • GOYA – This brand employs pasteurization and uses preservatives like sugar.
  • Cona Zona – This brand gets coconut water from concentrate.
  • Purity Organic – Flash pasteurization is used for this product.
  • Coco Libre (organic) – Flash pasteurization is also used with this product. It is not organic as its label claims, because it uses coconut water from concentrate and natural flavors as well.

Sources: LifeHack and NaturalHealth365

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