Top ways Chinese Herbs help fight Psoriasis


People with the the condition known as psoriasis suffer from skin cells that build up too quickly. When this happens, the cells form thick “plaques” that are often coated in silvery scales. These plaques can be itchy and painful and can also be very embarrassing for sufferers: while psoriasis can be concentrated on the elbows, they have the potential to form anywhere on the body, including the face and neck. This can lead to considerable self-consciousness and even impact the social life. However, there is hope for people with this condition, hope offered by use with Chinese herbs. Below are four reasons why this mode of therapy can prove so useful to those fighting this condition.

1. Treatment is Both Internal and External

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, which means that it is caused by defects within the immune system, which cannot distinguish between foreign elements and the body’s own tissues. Oral ingestion of these therapeutic medicines taken internally help to get to the root of this problem. At the same time, topical applications applied directly treat the involved areas of the skin. This combination of both internal and external therapy has proven highly useful at promoting remission of the psoriasis.

2. Therapy is Individualized

In Western medicine, the plan of care tends to be based on one factor, the severity of the psoriasis itself; generally, the more severe the case, the stronger the drug will be to treat it. In Chinese medicine, severity of the condition is certainly a factor, but other factors about the particular individual are also taken into account. Herbalists take a holistic view, and consider, for instance, the appearance of the lesions, the areas of the body that are involved and whether or not the plaques are itchy or painful. They also take into account the age and health of the patient and lifestyle factors like drinking, smoking, diet and stress levels.

3. Chinese Medicinal Plants are Safe

Psoriasis treatments offered by Western medicine can come with a whole array of side effects, and many patients will seek traditional Chinese therapy after they have experienced some of these effects, often severely. This treatment can, at the outset, cause mild digestive discomfort or loose stools, but even these quickly resolve. That said, it is still very important to make sure that your herbalist has experience in treating psoriasis and is committed to using Chinese medincinal plants from a reputable pharmacy that have been screened for chemical residues.

4. A Specialist Sees Your Areas of Imbalance

The look of someone’s skin when they have psoriasis gives the experienced practioner a of information about what is going on internally. Lesions that are purple require different applications than lesions that are scarlet red; a plan of care can also vary according to what areas of the body that are affected. By looking at the skin alone, a practitioner will be able to see the areas of imbalance and begin to formulate a plan to treat them.

While not everyone benefits from therapy with Chinese herbs, with diligence at the hands of an experienced specialist, the majority of patients can see vast improvement of their condition. This modality can allow patients to effectively treat their condition and get great results without resorting to potentially harmful drugs.

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