Top reasons why red meat is bad for health


It has been known for quite some time that a diet high in red meat is not good for a person’s health. In a landmark review that was recently completed, the effects of such a diet became starkly apparent. In this review, the data from studies that showed the links between eating red meat and poor health pinpoint a correlation with an increase in the incidence of cancer.

Prostate cancer incidents jump

In recent years, the incidents of many cancers has increased. Typically, this increase has been attributed to an increase in the age of the people that are suffering from it. However, this review of so many studies whose results point to the same conclusion raises the question of just how great of a factor diet places, particularly when compared to factors that a person cannot control, such as their age. Although the researchers in these studies provoked the incidences of cancer in the lab rats that they worked with, the results are consistent enough to raise questions about the validity and safety of a diet that features a great deal of red meat and processed meats, such as lunch meats.

Study details

Researchers have discovered that they can bring on cancer by feeding their lab rats a steady diet of only red meat and processed meat products, such as lunch or deli meats. The rats are given no other foods, like vegetables, fruits or grains. Of course, this is not the typical diet of lab rats nor is it the diet that is followed by most people. Even allowing for those realities, however, the rats showed a startling consistency when it came to developing this one particular type of cancer.

The researchers’ conclusions

These findings, along with the conclusions the scientists reached, are published in the Meat Journal. The scientists concluded that because the diets of the rats were devoid of fruits, vegetables, fiber, milk and grains, that there must be compounds in these foods that work with the compounds already found in the intestines, stomach and other digestive organs that counteract the effects of the all-meat diet so that cancer does not occur.

What this means for people

These results show a great deal of promise because they prove that getting cancer is not an absolute. Instead, it is an occurrence that can largely be controlled or even stopped in its tracks by eating a diet that features a variety of different foods. This means that people can eat meat, preferably in small amounts, but they can counteract the harmful effects by eating more fruits, vegetables and grains, putting the power and responsibility for their health firmly in their own hands.

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